Alphas “Gods and Monsters” Review

Alphas - Season 2 Cast

Jason Miller, an Alpha that we were first introduced to a couple weeks ago in “Gaslight,” returned to Alphas this week in “Gods and Monsters.” While he had been in a coma, Jason’s abilities had been enhanced by his treatments with August Medical Group’s photic stimulators. Without realizing the full extent of his enhanced abilities, Jason had created a neural hive mind and was able to bring the people he touched under his control.

The episode started off with a pretty stereotypical high school set up. The class reject, Jason, had a crush on the beautiful, popular girl with a boyfriend, but he still asked her out despite the obvious risk of rejection and humiliation. Had this been a horror story, Jason might have used his ability to manipulate his classmates into harming or killing themselves, but all Jason wanted was to feel like he belonged.

One of the more interesting aspects of this storyline was brought up when Rosen identified the reason that Jason might have felt rejected and isolated. Jason’s family and the people near him automatically felt uneasy around him because of his Alpha ability and the frequencies his body emitted. He wasn’t pushed away because he was particularly strange, geeky, or creepy. This kid could have been the most interesting teenager on the planet, but all anyone would ever feel when they were around him was discomfort. His Alpha ability affected the way people treated him and there was virtually nothing he could do to control or change that part of him.

The high school set up might have been cliche, but it facilitated much more interesting and meaningful interaction between Rosen and Parish. Because of Parish’s manipulative way of threatening Dani, Rosen was coerced into working with Parish to deal with the issue of Jason’s mind control situation.

Through an earlier conversation between Dani and Parish, we understood a little bit more about why Dani was working with Parish. She believed in Parish’s ideals, and it seemed that Parish had made promises to her to bring her father into the fold. From Parish’s perspective, Rosen would make an incredible ally, and an equally fearsome foe.

I was somewhat frustrated by Parish’s escape from the Alpha prison. First of all, he killed himself by stabbing himself in the neck with folded plastic cup shards. It wasn’t even the fancy hard plastic kind of cup that people use at parties where plastic ware pretends to look like glass. It was one of those cheap bendy plastic cups that come complimentary with your water cooler delivery. If you folded it up a couple times, I’d have no doubt you’d get a pretty gnarly cut, maybe some stitches, and a really bad bruise – but to be able to stab yourself deep enough to bleed to death in a few minutes? Doubt it.

On top of that, why were the security guards not told about Parish’s Alpha ability? Those guys are supposed to know about Alphas and if Rosen wanted to keep Parish under the watch of two trained agents, shouldn’t he have briefed them first? The room was ready and waiting – you’d think that Bill or Cameron might have mentioned something to those two guys. That way, when Parish attempted suicide over and over again, they’d know enough to just wait it out.

In any case, Parish broke out and killed two guards like it was no big deal. I liked Parish’s line about the lesson of his story being about following orders, because it made it really clear that he was approaching this whole Alphas phenomenon as a tactical war. It was not entirely clear how much of what happened tonight fell right in sync with Parish’s plans for that war.

If Parish was honest about the “neural failsafe” he set up in Jason’s mind, what was he planning to do if Rosen didn’t get in there to reason with Jason to let all those kids go? Was he ready to keep these teenagers under his mind control? And for what purpose? He already knew about all the members of the Alphas team, so I doubt he was trying to break into the Alphas office just to meet them, but this did give Parish an opportunity to interact directly with Nina, to plant a little seed of doubt into Gary’s mind, and to try and recruit Rosen for his own side. Was this entire event fabricated to throw Rosen off in their little game of mental chess? Or was Parish simply thinking on his feet and taking advantage of each opportunity as it came by?

I don’t think Parish could have anticipated that Rosen would absorb so many of his memories when they touched in Jason’s hive mind. That was probably something Parish would have preferred not happen. After seeing Dani in Parish’s memories, I’m sure there’s probably a part of Rosen that also wishes it didn’t happen. Judging from the previews for next week’s episode of Alphas, it looks like Rosen isn’t going to try and approach Dani as a father, but as a government official. Add to it, the business of Nina pushing the senator to the brink of insanity, and it looks like next week’s episode will be seriously upping the ante on this whole Alphas war.