6 Things I Adore About Dr. Jeremiah Sacani from Royal Pains

Jeremiah Sacani - Royal Pains

Any of you that have read my columns before probably know that I am a totally geeky nerd. And, you probably also know that I have a huge soft spot for geeks, nerds, and of course geeky nerds. Give me brains over brawn any day, know what I mean? Although, I will admit that brawn does make for nice eye candy, when my shallow side prevails.

This season, they introduced a new character on Royal Pains as part of the “HankMed splits up” story arc from the end of season 3 and into season 4. Dr. Sacani is one of the new doctors that Evan brings on board to HankMed 2.0 when he is left with one part time doctor, and wishes to expand services.

Dr. Sacani is described as socially challenged. Sounds like a geek to me. And, he is very brilliant, so a nerd too. Here is what I adore about him, in no particular order.


Dr. Sacani - Royal Pains

I cannot stand fake people. You know the kind, the ones that smile to your face and then make nasty comments about you behind your back. Everything Jeremiah does is straightforward and with purpose. You know exactly where you stand with him, which is what I prefer.

Now, for some, that is off putting, especially since he is also unusually blunt. He frequently seems to not understand that you just don’t blurt out bad news to a patient, no matter how important it is. He also does not understand that while it may be true that the patient is leading an unhealthy lifestyle and needs to change to live longer, the way you broach the subject is very important. However, he is trying to improve in this area.


Jeremiah and Evan - Royal Pains

Jeremiah is totally loyal. He would not abandon you for a better offer somewhere else. This was easily seen in the recent episode “Dancing with the Devil.” He promised to gather samples from Ava, and it meant going with her to a nightclub, where he was extremely uncomfortable. But, he had made a promise, and much as he was on the verge of a panic attack at one point, he still managed to call Hank for reinforcements, and stayed with Ava until Hank arrived.

And, his loyalty leads to kindness to his friends. When Evan did not win the car of his dreams, Jeremiah let him use a better one. It turns out that Jeremiah is rather wealthy, and owns a Ferrari, and has lent it to HankMed for Evan to use.

Perfect Straight Man

Hank, Jeremiah, Kat and Ava - Royal Pains

Without trying to be funny, Jeremiah does lend himself to some of the funnier moments on the show. Referring back once again to “Dancing with the Devil,” during a meal with the whole group, when the recipe was revealed to be “possum stew,” everyone else paused with their forks midway to their mouths. Jeremiah, on the other hand, with only very minor hesitation, continued eating with gusto.

In fact, a lot of his interactions with the other members of the HankMed staff lead to funny moments. Their expressions over the things he says, his interpretation of what he hears, even some of his commentary on what is going on has been very funny at times!

Tries Hard

Dr. Sacani - Royal Pains

Jeremiah wants so badly to do a good job. He even writes notes to himself on what to do in certain situations. My heart was breaking when he tried to arrange a date with Divya and although she had no clue as to his motive to asking her out to eat, we knew exactly what was going on because we saw his notes!

He very much admires Hank, and for a while wanted (and probably still does to a certain extent) to be like Hank, and even kept notes on how to be more Hank-like. I found that totally adorable.


Jeremiah and Hank - Royal Pains

Jeremiah is a very smart guy, having been very successful as a researcher. The problem is that his mentor died, and he was not able to negotiate the maze of grant funding to continue their research. So, we can conclude that he is book smart, but not socially smart.

Once he was no longer able to work as a researcher, he decided to practice medicine. He is an asset to HankMed, since he is so knowledgeable about a wide range of medical conditions, some obscure.


Jeremiah, Divya and Hank - Royal Pains

Jeremiah is a good guy to have around in a clutch. He showed us his resourcefulness when he was presented with a new life threatening medical situation and found a successful emergency treatment on his smart phone. Clearly he is able to think outside the box, which can only be an asset to HankMed.

In another instance, the patient they were treating, a male Mixed Martial Arts fighter, was having difficulty controlling his emotions. During a weigh in with the press present, the fighter was on the verge of tearing up. Jeremiah pulled the fire alarm to interrupt the proceedings and save the man from embarrassment. While he is no Dr. Hank-MacGyver, he did pretty well for himself!


So, those are my reasons for adoring Dr. Sacani. Do you have any other reason for liking him? Thoughts on my reasons? Please tell me in the comment section below!