Parenthood Season 4 – Get Your Tissues

Parenthood Season 4 Premiere Family Portrait (3)

The Bravermans are back! It’s true, Parenthood returns to our screen for their fourth season and having screened the first couple new episodes, I have one word for you: tissues!

But you probably already knew that. What you don’t know is all about this new season. While nothing has changed in terms of dynamics for the family, there are a few new storylines to be looking forward to this season. So let’s talk about them.

Goodbye Haddie

We soon find out in the premiere episode that Haddie (Sarah Ramos) is in fact heading off to college, which means it’s time for the family (and us the audience) to say goodbye to her. But fear not, actress Sarah Ramos is not totally off the series, so there’s a big chance we’ll get to see Haddie here and there, just not all the time.

Haddie was one of my favorites in the show, so it’s really sad to see her leave, but I can tell you this. Her goodbye scene does the show justice… oh and did I mention to have tissues ready?

Ray Romano

There’s a new photographer in town!

Well ok maybe he’s not new in town, but he’s definitely new to us. Meet Hank Rizzoli (played by Ray Romano), a photography whom the family hires to take their family portrait. But as fate would have it, Sarah (Lauren Graham) who also happens to be looking for work, becomes his assistant. And while we don’t see too much of it in the first couple episodes, it seems that Hank could possibly stir trouble between Sarah and Mark (Jason Ritter).

This one’s tricky. On the one hand, I like Sarah and Mark together, on the other hand I kind of enjoyed grumpy Hank, so we’ll have to wait and see how things evolve on that end.

Julia and Joel Meet Victor

Last season ended with Julia (Erika Christensen) and Joel (Sam Jaeger) getting a new addition to their family. And the beginning of this season finds them getting adjusted to their new kid Victor (Xolo Mariduena). Let’s just say there is still a ways to go, but Julia does have a breakthrough in the second episode, which I found quite touching.

More Drama

That box of kleenex that I keep referring to will come really handy for the second episode. In fact, I enjoyed the second episode “Left Field” even more than the first one “Family Portrait” interestingly enough.

But all I can say about it is that something new crashes into the Bravermans’ lap and it’s not going to be pretty. In fact, the episode title “Left Field” is very appropriate and should give you an idea of something big happening. My guess is tons more tissues will be required for episode 3.

While the show has taken a totally new direction or transformed itself in something new, I think that fans of the series who watch it for the family dynamic and stories, will continue to enjoy this family they have some to love for three seasons.

Parenthood returns for its fourth season tonight, September 11th, at 10pm on NBC.

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