Go On “He Got Game, She Got Cats” Review

Go On (NBC) "He Got Game, She Got Cats" Episode 2 (7)

After a decidedly average pilot, I was interested to find out how Go On would approach a regular half hour. After the Olympic premiere, the show seemed to have potential, but had a number of question marks as well. After tonight’s episode, a lot of the same questions continue to remain.

One of the bigger questions that emerged from the premiere was how the show was going to integrate Matthew Perry with all of the moving parts. The show has a bench of talented and capable comedic actors. As a result, it seemed like an interesting choice to go with one of the weaker supporting pieces in the A story this week. The Sonya/cat storyline felt like a storyline that could have run in an October episode. Still, Sonya was probably the least fleshed-out character in the pilot, so it was inevitable that she would get her opportunity to shine. Now that we have done a story with her, we can move on to the more interesting members of the group.

While Sonya’s storyline ultimately came out uneven, other group aspects worked a lot better for me. George, played by the always capable Bill Cobbs, really works well when they allow him to go beyond his one note, old guy commentary. Perry bounces off of him well, and the two men seem to have a legitimate affection for each other. I am not sure if that is them growing closer by working on a TV show, or if they are both that good at acting, but I believe their interactions to be genuine (in a TV sense).

This show has a lot of growing to do if it is going to become a worthwhile television series. The show still has to sort out how to incorporate the different members of the group on a weekly basis that seems organic and earned. It has to figure out how to best utilize the coworkers of Ryan King. That being said, Matthew Perry is a comedic genius, and he’s in an ensemble. Go things have resulted from that formula in the past. Let’s see where this goes.

What did you think of tonight’s Go On?