Rules Of Engagement Season 7: Cast Interviews & Upcoming Storylines (Spoiler Alert)

Rules Of Engagement Season 7

Today is good news day for fans of Rules of Engagement. Why? Well for two reasons:

One: After surviving constant timeslot changes throughout the schedule, starting today Monday September 10, Rules Of Engagement is going to be available 5 nights a week as it heads into syndication. This means that now you can catch up on all your favorite Rules Of Engagement episodes while you await the return of the series for its seventh season. Go to to check for local listings

Two: TV Equals recently had the immense pleasure to catch up with the entire cast of Rules Of Engagement to talk about what fans can expect in season 7 and much more. Present on the set: David Spade (Russell), Megyn Price (Audrey), Patrick Warburton (Jeff), Oliver Hudson (Adam), Bianca Kajlich (Jennifer) and Adhir Kalyan (Timmy). Fun fact: the cast actually discovered their storylines during the interviews which leads to some hilarious bantering in the videos.

Before you check out the video of those interviews, we wanted to share some of the spoilers that were discussed in the videos so that you have some context (Last Warning: Spoiler Alert):

– In a quest to find the perfect name for their daughter, Audrey and Jeff make Russell come up with a list with a complete list of his sexual history so they can pick a name untainted by his past.

– When Jeff and Audrey’s annoying neighbor Liz (Bridesmaids’ Wendi MclEndon-Covey) moves in with them, they battle over who will break and kick her out first.

– Timmy’s parents visit and witness Russell immersing himself in Indian culture which results in Russell leading a big Bollywood dance number.

– Russell joins ex-wife Liz at a Sex addicts Anonymous meeting, but for all the wrong reasons.

– The worst thing imaginable happened to Jen… she has a dream about Russell.

– Jeff accidentally get high and thinks he’s having a heart attack.

– Timmy reaches his breaking point and hands in his resignation to Russell.