Looking For A Few Good TV Writers

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Do you like to talk about TV endlessly?

Are your loved ones tired of you telling them the many reasons why they should really watch Doctor Who and why Sci-fi is awesome?

Well, you are in luck because TV Equals is looking to hire a few good writers to share some of that passion with our readers. Here is a summary of what we are looking for:

– Review Contributors who can write a minimum of 5 reviews a week.

We are looking for people who love TV as much as we do. Emphasis on the word “Love”. If you can quote Walter (Breaking Bad) or Ron Swanson (Parks and Recreation) in your sleep, then you are our kind of writer.

Example of Review Article here

– Previews Contributor who can write a minimum of 2 articles a day.

We are looking for individuals who are extremely well versed in current entertainment so much so that they would constantly win at Trivial Pursuit – TV Edition.

Example of Preview Article here

For more details, check out our “Write For Us” page.