Fringe Executive Producer Reveals Finale Date and Talks Final Season

We’ve known the premiere date for some time. Now, we know when it all will end.

Fringe Executive Producer J.H. Wyman recently spoke with Zap2It about the end date of the series while throwing out the most ambiguous teasers ever.

While Fox has yet to confirm, Wyman announced that February 1st would be the finale date of the series. While he was there, Wyman offered up some very general ideas about what could happen in the final season. For starters, we are headed forward to the year 2036 where the hair-challenged gentlemen from different parts of time have taken over. When asked about Olivia’s role in the future, Wyman (anti)revealed: “Let’s just say that the Fringe Team 2.0 is really, really important. You are going to find Anna’s reinvolvement in a very special and unique way.”

Well played, J.H. Well played. The gang at Mad Men would be proud of your obfuscation.

The final season of Fringe premieres September 28th at 9 PM on Fox.

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