Exclusive Interview: Dylan Riley Snyder From Disney XD’s Kickin It Talks Playing Milton, Upcoming Episodes & More

Dylan Riley Snyder

Tonight, the Disney XD series Kickin It returns with a brand new episode and lucky for you, TV Equals had an opportunity to catch up with series star Dylan Riley Snyder to find about what to expect in upcoming episodes and have him answer some burning questions about the series.

Check out what he had to say below and don’t miss him in the new episode of Kickin It “Kickin’ It Old School” which airs tonight Monday September 10 (8:00-8:30 p.m., ET/PT) on Disney XD.

What can you tease about the remaining episodes of the season?  
Dylan Riley Snyder: We have special guest stars, more action packed episodes, a special one hour episode,  And our characters are still as close as before!

What had been your favorite episode so far?     

Dylan Riley Snyder: That’s so difficult to narrow down because each episode has a special situation that kids are going thru and by watching that episode you see how someone else would handle it and remain loyal to their friends.  Milton is a great character to play because writers are giving me opportunities to morph into other sides of Milton.. Like “the many faces of the Milton”.  Sounds like an evil laugh should accompany that.

What is your favorite part of playing Milton?   

Dylan Riley Snyder: This goes along with question #2.  Milton is a blend of complex layers… All of which I’m trying to keep the portrayal of Milton one that kids can relate to.  I think Milton is fun to play because he totally gets engrossed into his interests despite how others perceive him. I want kids who relate to his character to see… You don’t need others approval to be happy. True friends accept your uniqueness.

You previously mentioned that the cast has great chemistry on and off camera. If you were to give awards for the biggest troublemaker/prankster among your castmates, who would get it

Dylan Riley Snyder: I have the award for best prank on Jason… As said by him. Leo can fake an injury so well it totally took the assistant director into a tailspin. But overall troublemaker/prankster is Jason. His years of experience get us laughing all the time! I love to stay around and watch his scenes when we are done with ours and our time on the clock has ended. Most of the time after we finish rehearsal or taping, we hangout couple hours after work and just talk and listen to music. Our moms have been great about letting us take time to unwind together there at the studio.

How about the award for the wisest cast member?      

Dylan Riley Snyder: Hmmmm, wise as in how? Everyone has their speciality… Jason.. Life and humor, Leo… Martial arts, Mateo…music, Olivia..hmmm friendships, Alex.. Sports.. Me..I’m like an encyclopedia of info on technology, video games, and stuff people go: “Why do you know this”. We are   Like puzzle pieces that when placed together we incorporate a well rounded group…. With family meaning the most!

If Kickin It could do a crossover with any TV series, which one would you like to be?     

Dylan Riley Snyder: In so far as a drama…  A  CSI show would be great… Or Body of proof.  Comedy show.. A combo of BIG BANG THEORY and one like The old Colombo shows.

Are there any upcoming projects you can talk about?       

Dylan Riley Snyder: In August, I’ll be in Boston for a radio Disney meet and greet on the 17th… I’m excited about. It will be my first time in Boston!  I love meeting the kids who share my love for the show and who want to be a performer and ask how to make their dreams come true. I’ve walked that line from community theatre…Broadway… Off-Broadway… Commercials… Voice overs.. Print modeling and now television…. So I think I have a voice.

If you could guest star on any other show, which one would it be?

Dylan Riley Snyder: The Good Wife.. Drop Dead Diva, Smash,  Blue Bloods,   Boardwalk Empire.