Drop Dead Diva “Jane’s Getting Married” Review

Drop Dead Diva "Jane's Getting Married" Season 4 Episode 13 (6)

This week on Drop Dead Diva‘s season 4 finale, ‘Jane’s Getting Married’! Or is she? Also, Luke accidentally tells Parker about Kim’s pregnancy, Kim defends a singer accused of soliciting her ex-boyfriend’s attempted murder, Jane and Grayson represent a husband who is fighting to save his wife after she decides not to have lifesaving surgery.

The cases feel like a sidenote compared to the end of this episode, but let’s take a look at them anyway. Grayson asks Jane to be second chair in a case representing his friend, who is distraught that his wife Hannah is refusing surgery for a life-threatening brain tumour. Hannah claims that the tumour is making her smarter and she prefers herself that way. Jane initially sides with Hannah, but after it’s pointed out to her that Grayson would bring Deb back if he could, she changes tack and attempts to win the case. Jane fails in court, but later learns that the surgeon is encouraging Hannah not to go for surgery as he wants a patient to study in order to secure funding.

This information convinces Hannah to go ahead with the surgery. It feels too easy in context, since the real issue, we were told, was Hannah wanting to remain smart for as long as she lives, not Hannah being manipulated by her surgeon. And I’m not entirely convinced that the argument about Grayson bringing Deb back, if it was possible, fits in with the case. Still, it was a happy ending.

The second case involved Paige, a singer accused of soliciting her ex-boyfriend’s murder through the lyrics of one of her songs. A fan claims to have cut his brake lines, but thanks to superfan Stacy, Kim learns that the fan was nowhere near the victim’s car at the time the crime was committed. After the victim then tries to get compensation by claiming that he’s been slandered by Paige’s song, Kim uncovers his plot to fake his own attempted murder in order to exort money from Paige. It was a pretty simple case and the best things about it were probably Stacy being awesome and guest star Kelly Osbourne’s fabulous hair.

And then came the actual wedding. It’s not often this show completely blindsides me but I really wasn’t expecting that ending. It was surprising enough that the show brought back the concept of Heaven (a bland spa-slash-waiting room with elevator musak), but we learned that not only is real!Jane able to watch what happens to her body, she’s pissed. So pissed that she wants to go home. After dealing with Heaven’s bureaucratic system, real!Jane’s directed to Fred. He accidentally lets her hit the return button, but without a dead body to enter, where could real!Jane go?

Back on earth, a wardrobe malfunction leaves Jane late for her own wedding. Grayson comes along to assist and ends up telling Jane how he feels in a very well done scene. It was a sweet and more than a tad romantic, but just as they finally get to kiss… Owen walks in. Seeing Jane kissing another man is too much for his weak heart to take and Owen drops down, stone dead. I was expecting him to die in this episode, and I would have hated how cliche it was, but what happened next totally took me by surprise. Real!Jane arrives back on earth — in Owen’s body.

Let’s just take a moment to ponder this. Jane’s body is host to Deb, Owen’s body is host to Jane. This is bound to get confusing next season but who cares? It’s fabulously ridiculous and I cannot wait to see how it all turns out.

The logistical problems alone are enough to give me a headache. I mean, do they tell Grayson what’s going on? Because Owen!Jane isn’t going to want to marry Jane!Deb, so that leaves room for Jane/Grayson. But then Owen!Jane is surely going to be around Jane!Deb all the time wanting to figure out how to get her body back, right? And what if Owen!Jane finds a love interest of his/her own? Because unless Owen!Jane takes the body’s sexuality and not real!Jane’s, Owen is suddenly going to be gay to everyone else. And let’s not forget that Owen will be able to watch everything, including Jane/Grayson, up in Heaven… Ouch.

See? Headache.

I cannot wait.

What did you think of ‘Jane’s Getting Married’, dear reader? Did the twist take you by surprise? Are you daring to ponder the possible directions next season will take? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!