Copper “The Empty Locket” Review

This week’s episode of Copper, “The Empty Locket,” added a flame of fury to Corcoran’s usual investigative spark, as he attempted to trace the steps of his missing wife after her old locket turned up around Molly’s neck. Unfortunately, the path he was tracking didn’t quite get him the answers he was looking for.

There was a lot of lying and manipulation happening in tonight’s episode – so much so that it was sometimes impossible to tell if anyone but Corcoran was telling the truth at at all. Madame Grendel’s sister, Mrs. Luckworth, lied about the ledger book; Francis paid the pawn shop owner to lie to Corcoran; Molly lied to Francis about the locket; the Moorehouses lied to their pastor about buying Five Points; Molly lied to Eva about Corcoran; and after Eva slit Molly’s throat, she lied about it being a suicide.

Matthew’s guest, Marcus, who was hoping to win enough money to start a new life in Liberia, was ready to accept an underhanded deal when Robert Moorehouse offered him a ton of money to fix a fight. Although the strange man that Annie complained about in Elizabeth’s home was probably an actual mausoleum designer, everything felt like a lie, so I even began to suspect her as well. In that sense, I suppose that Copper has succeeded in making the viewer truly understand the nature of the time that these characters lived in. Honesty was a rare commodity in their world, and a person’s word was only worth as much as he or she would sell it for.

Because Corcoran’s investigation was based on lies at almost every angle, it was no surprise that it didn’t lead him anywhere. Sure, Francis was doing what he thought was best to protect his best friend, but it won’t be long before Corcoran stumbles upon the truth. With Mrs. Luckworth using Madam Grendel’s ledger to bribe her former clients, she’s bound to wind up dead or in trouble – and when she does, Corcoran is going to find out that his wife’s locket wasn’t sold for food to feed his daughter.

If Corcoran beating up a clergyman based on some big assumptions was vicious, how do you think he’ll react when he discovers the web of lies and deceit that have worked to keep him from uncovering the truth about his missing wife and dead daughter?

Corcoran tends to act first and ask questions later – he’s lucky he’s been right most of the time, but then again, it seems like most people in that time period are crooked in one way or another. He can be so blinded by his desire for justice, that he doesn’t really do a thorough investigation before his fists come out. The paper that Matthew recovered for Corcoran could have been written by anyone in the clergy, but he let himself be manipulated into the senior Moorehouse’s plan by taking the local Episcopalian pastor out of the Five Points equation.

Among all the violence and lies in this episode of Copper, the thing that shocked me the most was Eva’s cold, calculated murder of Molly. I wasn’t particularly fond of Molly, but I definitely wasn’t expecting to witness her murder this early on. Last week I wasn’t sure what Eva’s motivations were in keeping the locket from Corcoran, but tonight it became clear that Eva is pretty much a total psycho.

Eva was surprisingly casual about Molly’s death, and the way she called in her guard after Molly had died made me wonder if this was something that she had done before. Francis was already troubled by Molly’s less-than-thrilled response to his proposal, so I’m sure he’ll feel like he was somehow responsible for her “suicide.” Watching him wail at the end of the episode was heartbreaking, but I hope he can get past his grief enough to investigate Molly’s death so that Eva won’t be able to get away with this crime.

We got a little bit of all the characters in tonight’s episode of Copper and each of their stories are slowly becoming more intricately tied together. Without that empty locket, there might be a temporary cooling in Corcoran’s investigation, but I’m sure it’ll heat up in no time – truth has a habit of coming back with a vengeance.