Drop Dead Diva Interview: Chelsea Kane Talks Season Finale, Playing A Country Star & More

Chelsea Kane

Drop Dead Diva ends their season with an intriguing story about Paige McBride, a country star who is charged with the murder of her ex-boyfriend, the kicker being that she outlined how she would like to kill him in one of her songs. Chelsea Kane, who plays McBride, was on hand to tell TV Equals about her role, her haircut, and the cult of fanaticism.

On playing Paige McBride

Kane had a blast delving into her character’s music star life. “[T]his was so much fun to play a little country singer. I grew up singing and doing theatre and, of course, I’m a huge fan of the Taylor Swifts and Carrie Underwoods of the world and of course I don’t consider myself a singer, so to kind of get thrown into this pop star character was a lot of fun,” she said. “And I had a great time shooting this because I had just finished shooting the first season of [Baby Daddy] on ABC Family, which is live audience sitcom. So, to suddenly go back in to single camera, a little more dramatic role, it was nice to kind of dip back into something like that.”

Why she chose the role

Kane had multiple reasons for choosing to play Paige McBride. “[W]hen I first heard the character, I just thought.how much fun did that sound, you know, to play to first of all play a country star and I’m sure my dad, who’s a big country fanatic will love it,” she said. “And.I like the show. I.heard of the show. My friends watch it and it just sounded fun [to] do something totally different and I had never played a character like that. And also, I loved that she was kind of a nice pop star. You know, here she is getting caught up in this mess when she’s already heartbroken and I just thought that was a fun way to take it.”

Kane feels that some roles for blonds can be a bit limiting. “I feel like `pop star, movie star’ roles out there for young blond girls are usually pretty mean and conniving, so I like that this girl has a heart and she just kind of got caught up in a bad situation. So, that’s what really drew me to the project,” she said.

Another reason Kane loves her role is because of the chance to work with one of her favorite people, Kelly Osbourne. “Kelly Osbourne plays my biggest fan, which is hysterical to me because I’m such a fan of her,” she said. “So that was a very surreal moment.”

On fanatics

Kane talked about how her Drop Dead Diva character touches on some experiences she’s had in her career. “[G]rowing up in the business.in this kind of pop craze, working with the Jonas Brothers at the very beginning of my career was fascinating because they were surrounded by fanatics. And I think there were even some cases where there were songs written about them and they would write songs about their love life. So it was really interesting to kind of watch the yearbook of our friends and, you know, who we ran around with, writing all these pop songs about each other and kind of decoding which one was about who,” she said.  “I think it was just really fun that Drop Dead Diva kind of touched on that. That.here’s this young pop star.and it’s actually her boyfriend. She’s been dating this hot little club promoter who she discovers has been cheating on her and writes a song about, you know, wanting to slash his tires with a kitchen knife. And so, the minute that happens, it’s just really funny [about who did it].a fanatic or Paige herself. And I just – I think it’s really interesting how fanatics can, you know, become such a part of these pop stars’ lives and feel like they know them. And I just – I loved getting to kind of poke fun at the people.that surrounded me when I was working at Disney.”

Watch the season finale of Drop Dead Diva Sunday, September 9 at 9/8c on Lifetime.