Army Wives Season 6 Finale “Onward”

Army Wives Onward Season 6 Episode 23

Army Wives season finale “Onward” Season 6 Episode 23 airs Sunday, September 9 at 10/9c on Lifetime.

Episode Synopsis: The tribe receives word that Fort Marshall is merging with an Air Force base. Kevin has a medical breakthrough. The troops have to redeploy to Afghanistan. Joan makes an important decision regarding her career. Charlie and Nicole decide to look into adoption. Kellie Martin and JR Martinez guest star.

Show Summary: “Army Wives,” Lifetime’s most successful series in the network’s history, returns with its sixth season and a two-hour premiere event of back-to-back all-new episodes on Sunday, March 4 at 9 pm et/pt. The show follows the struggles, dreams and friendships of a diverse group of women – and one man – living with their spouses and families on an active Army post. The series films in Charleston, South Carolina, and stars Kim Delaney (Claudia Joy Holden), Sally Pressman (Roxy LeBlanc), Brigid Brannagh (Pamela Moran), Brian McNamara (Michael Holden), Sterling K. Brown (Roland Burton), Wendy Davis (Joan Burton), Drew Fuller (Trevor LeBlanc), Terry Serpico (Frank Sherwood) and Catherine Bell (Denise Sherwood).

Kelli Williams (“The Practice”) joins the cast this season, playing Jacqueline “Jackie” Clarke, the ambitious wife of two-star Major General Kevin Clarke. Television icon Susan Lucci (“All My Children”) makes several guest star appearances as Audrey, the wife of a retired Brigadier General, reuniting her with her former “All My Children” co-star Delaney.

The series is based on the book “Army Wives” by Tanya Biank, who serves as a show consultant.

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  • Dawn

    They HAVE to have a season 7 now!!!! 🙂

    • Rmj

      Hopefully they are returning. I cannot find anywhere that says they are definitely not coming back

  • Nickdarden

    what the hell just happened???????????????

  • Jackeyesam

    they need to keep this show on the air because it is a very good show.

  • Ccdickey4

    I can’t believe they would really end it that way!  Such a great series should have had a happier wrap up.  I am so disappointed!!

  • Judy

    That’s it???  What the hell!  That can’t be the end!!!!

  • Tammy McCall

    We need another season they left it open with the plane don’t know it they died or what. Pluse it is a wonderful show they don’t make a lot of good shows like that any more.

  • Rollinondubs_202000

    What was that song at the end of the finale? I can’t find it anywhere.

    • Siouxlo

       The song is “This is not the End” and the original band is Gungor….the track is faster than the singer last night and I don’t know who sung last night….Her voice and rendition is slower and beautiful.

      • Simplihype

        Liz Longley sang the version last night, but it cant be found anywhere.

      • lostnfound

        Two completely different songs you’re referring to

      • lostnfound

        they have the same title but the songs are completely different.

    • Jess

      “This is Not the End” by Liz Longley

  • Crashalot_2000

    if thats the end wow……army widows????

  • Jhanewacker2

    they state its a season finale not series finale people they are I bet it will be back come Spring 2013

    • Karencoulman

      sure home they come back, love this show.

    • ——

      Didn’t say ‘season finale’ — just finale.  Had to know where this is heading if at all.

  • Shirley

    They can’t leave ti with nearly everyone getting killed! Bring on Season 7, there are so many crappy shows on, why take  off something great!

  • I can’t believe they ended the show like that.  What were they thinking?  That was a horrible ending.  It was disappointing.  A big let down.

  • Jo Jo

    Gotta have moreof this exellent series.  I am still in ock with this ending.  JoJo Old rmy Brat

    • I have been so sad when reading things that the show may not be back.  That is bad enough.  However, to end it like that is horrible.  They could have just left it with the soldiers going back–without a plane accident.  I do hope, however, that it could be a sign it would come back.  I can’t understand why a show so successful for Life Times that is loved would be cancelled!  As commented, there aren’t that many good shows on. 

  •  the airplane and then the phone call were too obvious.  i think the call is either a reference to an expected real life cancellation call, or we witnessed the end of claudia joy.

    • Kate!

      Yeah it’s either Roxy’s family in an accident on the way to Tacoma or something is wrong with Claudia Joy! That plane can’t crash, there are too many shows on now with plane crashes.

      • Cindy

        I think Claudia Joy will be killed off due to her drinking and personal problems in real life.

  • If this was the end of Army Wives, they sure disappointed all the faithful fans. Too many twists and turns leaving us with no answers. By the way, the show is being billed as the most successful show in the history of Lifetime. What more do the networks want?  Don’t get it!

  • If this was the end of Army Wives, they sure disappointed all the faithful fans. Too many twists and turns leaving us with no answers. By the way, the show is being billed as the most successful show in the history of Lifetime. What more do the networks want?  Don’t get it!

  • Lorry

    What happened?  What an awful end of series episode they should have NOT left it in the air.  These stars are way too talented to end a show now.  What’s wrong with the producers?

  • guest

    I definitely hope this isnt the end for Army Wives.  They so left us hanging with the ending.  It is definitely left open for continuous story lines.  PLEASE renew for Season 7.  I will definitely continue to watch!

  • Judy Evans

    Was really upset with the ending with Mike receiving the phone call right after showing the plane in turbulent weather and giving the impressint that it will crash.

  • Molly29451

    I am praying that the show comes back.  I ready that Sally Pressman and Catherine Bell were looking at other networks.   I believe the phone call was about Claudia Joy.  I don’t know if Kim Delaney’s contract was up and that is why is disappeared or if it is something else.

    This and Blue Bloods are the only patriotic shows.

  • Deborah Bickerdyke

    This show was amazing and cried my eyes out off and on through out the show .I am looking forward to it coming back next season is a rewarding show for real military wives who are having to go through this with their husbands gone and challanges make it through. I believe it was Claudia Joy who passed on or her Mother . I could not stop crying ..that song was so suited for the ending and wished I knew that name of it …Till next season enjoy life and be safe ..chin up and smile

  • Novmar

    Please, please come back next season,

  • queal5

    I absolutely LOVE the song This Is Not The End by Liz Longley but I can’t find it anywhere.  Has anyone else found it?  I LOVE it so much, have to have it on my ipod.

  • MicheleT

    I’m disappointed too.. if this was the end they could of had a happier endy  and elaps time to show them in the furture.. Also what happen to Kim Delaney it’s like she only was in a couple of show and then she was gone… Also if they do bring it back they should have pam and Roxy appear occassionally… Being a Mom Of an Iraq vet this gave me some insight to what my son must of experience and at time i cry knowing my son could of been one of the fallen… But he wasn’t Thank God!!!!! So yes bring it  back OH!!!! Please!!!!!

  • Angie

    Are you serious?  You just leve us hanging with “Oh GOD”.  Then no  preview of the next show..  When will Army Wives come back on?

  • Jasperella

    If thats really the end it was the worst ending ever!!! I love this show they need to keep running it, and come on really? What kind of ending was that!

  • Mamalewien22

    I looovvveee this show!!!! Easily my favorite show that I’ve dedicated to since 7thyou heaven ended!!

  • Rnjanice6

    I love this show and really want it to come back.  Plus, Caudia Joy has to return! She and Denise are so great together!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Janice

  • Cindy

    I think Claudia Joy will be killed off due to her personal problems in real life (drinking).

  • Redrobin1

    Army wives is a great show.    There needs to be a season 7.   Being military you know things don’t stay the same and people move on.   Maybe it’s time to introduce a new crew.          

  • Etorres170

    What a cliffhanger! If they are not going to renew Army Wives, they should do a spinoff. How about Roxy’s Bar & Grill?

  • Etorres170

    Or they should bring about a Seventh Season with new actors. In a Military Base families move out and other families move in. They should bring in new actors and, whoever wants to reprise their role let them. The ones that want out get replaced.

  • Rlpiequet

    This is not fair, I live in Mexico and we don’t get lifetime, I miss Army wives !!  I love that show.  Come on USA team up with Mexico so we can watch lifetime, we do get Grey’s Anatomy, and Deva but I want Army wives !!!

  • myrtle

    is this the end of army wife’s I hope not  This is the best show on the net work.