[VIDEO] A Killer Among Us (Lifetime) With Tom Cavanagh, Tess Atkins & Boris Kodjo

A Killer Among Us (Lifetime)

Check out a A Killer Among Us which premieres Saturday Sept 8 (8.7c) on Lifetime. The movie stars Tom Cavanagh, Tess Atkins & Boris Kodjo

A Killer Among Us Synopsis: In A Killer Among Us, Alex, reeling from her mother’s shocking and mysterious murder, is trying to help her family’s life get back to normal, taking on the role of mother for her two younger siblings and lending a hand to her father Nick.

With no leads and the case growing cold, the police have no choice but to close their investigation. Not ready to give up, police detective Joseph Moran takes an unorthodox approach to try to find the killer by enlisting Alex’s assistance, which may put her in harm’s way. Reluctant to help at first, Alex begins to search for clues and anything out of the ordinary that could help solve her mother’s murder. But what she slowly begins to unearth is something more shocking than anything she could have ever imagined.

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  • jessica

    i watch this film this morning @Diva Universal……but i have to go to work immediately….who is Alex’s mother killer..??? is he her father in love???