Tina Fey To Guest Star On ‘The Simpsons’

EW has dropped the news that Tina Fey will guest star on The Simpsons in the animated show’s upcoming season. The zany ‘30 Rock’ actress and ‘Saturday Night Live’ star will voice the role of Ms. Cantwell, a substitute teacher of Lisa’s who surprisingly doesn’t like the brainy Simpson all that much.

Sharing a few details about Fey’s guest spot on the long running series, producer Al Jean said, “She gives Lisa a ‘B’ and Ralph an ‘A’ even though Ralph signed his paper ‘Ralpa,’” Jean stated. “And Lisa has a reading kangaroo with a bunch of little joeys in it for the books that she reads, and [Ms. Cantwell] takes the joeys out and puts them in other kangaroos. Hardcore stuff.”

Fey will appear in the episode entitled ‘Black-Eyed, Please’, a spring episode that will air in the Fox show’s 24th year that is expected to begin on Sept. 30th. The actress just finished up filming on the movie ‘Admission’ and has previously starred in ‘Megamind’, ‘Date Night’, ‘The Invention of Lying’, as well as ‘Beer League’ and ‘Mean Girls’.

What do you think Fey fans. Are you ready to see the performer take on the role of Lisa’s evil teacher?