Syfy Acquires BBC Worldwide New ‘Sinbad’ Series

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American TV viewers may not be aware, but a new TV series about the adventures of Sinbad have been airing on the UK broadcast channel Sky1. And now, Syfy has acquired the broadcast rights to the series here in the U.S.

This new version of ‘Sinbad’ follows Sinbad’s sea-bound journey after he is forced to flee from his home town of Basra because of a curse put on him. Surviving a violent and magical storm, Sinbad embarks on an emotional journey to embrace his destiny with his fellow shipmates.

The title role of Sinbad is portrayed by newcomer Elliot Knight and the cast includes Naveen Andrews (‘Lost’), Sophie Okonedo (‘Hotel Rwanda’), Timothy Spall (‘Harry Potter’), Dame Janet Suzman, Elliot Cowan (‘Marchlands’), Marama Corlett (‘The Devil’s Double’), Estella Daniels (‘Thorne’), Junix Inocian (‘The 51st State’) and Dimitri Leonidas (‘Grange Hill’).

‘Sinbad’ debuted in the UK on July 18, earning 2.5 million viewers for the debut episode. It will premiere on Syfy in April 2013.