Neil Gaiman Returns to Doctor Who – Might He Be Bringing Sexy Back?

Neil Gaiman - The Doctor's Wife

While accepting his Hugo Award for “The Doctor’s Wife” this weekend, Neil Gaiman got Whovians buzzing with excitement when he informally announced that he was writing another episode of Doctor Who.

“The Doctor’s Wife” gave the TARDIS a chance to chat with The Doctor and his companions in the female form of Idris (aka. “Sexy.”) The episode garnered positive reviews from critics and was well loved by fans, so Gaiman joked that “Only a fool or a madman would try to do it again – so I’m on the third draft.”

After the awards, Gaiman revealed to io9 that the new episode was tentatively scheduled for the second half of the seventh season, but as with “The Doctor’s Wife,” the episode could be postponed due to Doctor Who’s budget constraints.

Either way, I’m sure it will be worth the wait.