Henry Winkler Will Return To ‘Arrested Development’

Seasoned actor Henry Winkler will return to his role as Barry Zuckerkorn, Arrested Development’s zany attorney, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. Winkler’s decision to return to his role in the Netflix resurrected series is sure to make cult fans happy and round out the cast of stars all on board to reprise their roles in the former Fox comedy that starred Jason Bateman (Horrible Bosses) and Portia de Rossi (Ally McBeal) . “I am supposed to be memorizing an ‘Arrested Development’ scene with Maybe for today … don’t tell anyone I was here OK?????” Winkler posted on Twitter this past Friday.

Creator Ron Howard has also spoken out recently about bringing the show back with his creative partner Mitch Hurwitz. “Mitch isn’t trying to re-create something. It’s been away for a while, and part of the fun that Mitch has been mining and exploiting is, what’s new to discover about these people? What’s delightfully unchanged? He and the writing staff and the actors have a fantastic sense of that.”

Winkler and the rest of the cast is currently working on a whole new line-up of episodes that is set to air this spring on Netflix. Aside from the actor’s appearance in ‘Arrested Development’ he is also well known for his roles in ‘Happy Days’ and more recently ‘Up All Night’ and ‘Royal Pains’.