Grimm – Let’s Talk Wesen


Hi there, Grimm fans, and welcome to what is the first of many (hopefully) TV Chats about our favorite fantasy show! To start us off in this new section of Grimm coverage, I thought it could be fun to talk about the creatures of Grimm!

We all know that Wesen refers to the creatures that only Grimms (and now Hank??) can see. German for “creature”, Wesen fall into different categories. Some are good (check out Monroe) and some are not (Adalind anyone?), but every Wesen out there is based on the stories of the Brothers Grimm.

Honestly, it was this premise that turned me onto Grimm from the start. I dig shows that take stories that everyone is familiar with, but add a different spin to them. Such is the case with Wesen. We’re all familiar with the story of the big bad wolf. He appears in several fairy tales from Little Red Riding Hood to The Three Little Pigs, but none of these stories touch on Blutbad the way that Grimm has.

Blutbad are wolves like Wesen that become violent when living in packs. They are able to last a week without a meal, which is when they like to fatten up their victims before devouring them. They are among the most feared within the Wesen community, and are also one of the more frequent Wesen that Nick runs into.

While the Blutbad is known for being bad, that’s not to say that there aren’t some good Blutbads out there! Take a look at Monroe. Using a combination of a special diet, drugs, and exercise, Monroe is able to control his Blutbad tendencies and not hunt (or snack) on humans. Not only is he one of the good guys, but he also ends up being a mentor to Nick, and Wesen don’t play well with Grimms.

Wesen are able to display two faces to the world – their “creature” face, which is visible only by a Grimm and their human form, which they wear as they assimilate into the human world. Generally, Wesen are only noticed by Grimms, but like I mentioned earlier, for some reason Hank is now able to see Wesen in addition to Nick. I would really be interested to know how Hank has suddenly managed to pick up that bit of power, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to be addressed any time in the near future.

So, is there a way to “cure” a Wesen and make them human? We saw in the episode “Love Sick” that Adalind ended up ingesting some of Nick’s blood. Once this happened, the Hexenbiest inside Adalind was removed from her body, making her a normal person… and causing her to lose her powers (which lead to a whole revenge plan and the set up for season 2, but more on that in another chat). Based on this, is it safe to assume that drinking the blood of a Grimm would cause the Wesen to lose all powers and become human? Or does that little bit of magic only apply to the Hexenbiest?

Since Nick found out he was a Grimm he has encountered many types of Wesen. We talked about two of them, but who can forget the lovely Coyotl that enjoyed a nice inbreeding session to keep their kids all “within the pack”? Or the dragon like Wesen the Dämonfeuer (which was one of my favorites) that could breathe fire and make their home in caves? The Geier scared the crap out of me, but as someone that fears even the small sparrows flying around my backyard, a giant vulture like Wesen wasn’t the best thing for me to see.

Then there are the cute and fluffy Eisbiber, the workers of the Wesen clan based on the beaver. I have to say, I’m not opposed to seeing more of the friendly Wesen that could team up with Nick in his efforts to help fight the revolution!

What do you have to say, Grimm fans? What are some of your favorite Wesen? Do you have any suggestions for different creatures that you’d like to see on the show? Personally, I say the writers shoot an episode of Grimm near water and give us a mermaid (or merman) Wesen type. What are your thoughts?

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