The Good Wife Season 4: Kalinda and Alicia Are Playing Rough

CBS has released a risqué new promo for season four of The Good Wife, highlighting the tumultuous relationship between Kalinda and her ex-husband, Nick (Marc Warren). The duo is first seen in bed where Nick says, “I’ve missed this.” The scene then abruptly shifts to him forcing her head aside before cutting to a violent confrontation between the couple. It’s dark stuff, but also tantalizing thanks to Warren and Archie Panjabi’s chemistry.

The promo also introduces Kristen Chenoweth’s political reporter, Peggy Byrne. Peggy is seen interviewing Alicia about why she keeps standing by her husband. Alicia cooly responds, “I don’t like to break commitments.”

If the promo wasn’t enough to get you ready for season four, CBS has also released photos from the premiere. The episode is titled “I Fought the Law” and it will focus on Alicia fighting for her son when he’s targeted by a state trooper, Kalinda preparing for her ex-husband’s arrival and Diane and Will investigating the firm’s money troubles. In addition to Kristen Chenoweth’s guest appearance, you can also expect to see Nathan Lane appear as the firm’s trustee.

Check out the promo and photos below. What do you think of Kalinda and Nick’s volatile reunion?

Season four of The Good Wife premieres Sep. 30 at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on CBS.

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