Fall 2012 New TV Shows Report Card: What To Watch This Fall

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The 2012 Fall TV season is here and that means it’s time to pick the new shows you will be giving a chance to this season. And there is a lot to pick from, 21 new shows in fact.

But fear not, here at TV Equals we have prepared our yearly Report Card which gives you the deets on the best and the worse this Fall has to offer in a very easy to read grid. (If you want to print the grid for yourself, you can download it here.)

And if you want more details, we share our thoughts on every single one of the new shows below. So what new shows are you most looking forward to this Fall?

[Please note: Our report is based on watching the pilot episode for each show, as the show progresses those grades could possibly change. Hell, we’ll probably change our minds two episodes in… yes we’re fickle that way.]

A – Love It!!!

arrow cw gradesArrow (CW)

It’s official Arrow is the best new show this season, and do not be fooled by the fact it’s on The CW, it’s the best new show compared to all the other channels and doesn’t cater to the usual teen audience of The CW, but to a much broader audience.

You want dark, Arrow has it.

You want action, Arrow has it.

You want teen angst… ok maybe you don’t, but to be fair Arrow doesn’t have too much of it.

As for its protagonist played by Stephen Amell, he’ll make you want to get in shape and kick some ass. Seriously, did you see that ladder climbing thing he does?! Yep, we gotta go work on our chin ups now.

last resort abc gradesLast Resort (ABC)

Runner up for best new show this Fall, that would be ABC’s Last Resort. The series first peeked our interest with its trailer and the pilot episode lived up to the excitement. The pilot episode of the series really feels like a mini movie in and of itself and with such a strong cast including Andre Braugher and Scott Speedman at the helm, chances are high this will become your new favorite as well.

B – Like It!

animal practice nbc gradesAnimal Practice (NBC)

Maybe you’ve already seen the pilot, maybe you haven’t. If you haven’t, you can do so here.

So now that we’re all on the same page. We like Animal Practice. Maybe it’s because of the potential we see in it or maybe it’s because it has a monkey in it, who knows. Whatever the reason, it’s worth the half hour commitment time a week it takes to watch. Hell, it might even put a smile on your face or make you chuckle and you can never chuckle enough in life can you?!

beauty and the beast cw gradesBeauty and the Beast (CW)

This one is for The Vampire Diaries and Teen Wolf fans. Beauty and the Beast returns Smallville‘s Kristin Kreuk to the small screen with great success. Whether you’re a fan of the story or just love CW shows, Beauty and the Beast will most likely become one of your favorites. We pretty much have our season pass set for this one.

elementary cbs gradesElementary (CBS)

This new modern take on Sherlock Holmes is bound to bring comparisons with Steven Moffat’s recent Sherlock series. And while Elementary is not as good, it certainly establishes its own style and fits perfectly on CBS’ lineup by adopting its procedural feel. One thing’s for sure, we are excited to watch more of Jonny Lee Miller as Holmes.

emily owens md cw gradesEmily Owens, M.D. (CW)

This is an odd fit for The CW because it doesn’t seem to really be targeted to its audience, and the pilot wasn’t as strong as it could have been, but we like it and are willing to give it a shot to grow. If you are a fan of doctor shows a la Grey’s Anatomy, this could very well be for you.

go on nbc gradesGo On (NBC)

Go On is not only our favorite new comedy this season, but could quite possibly be Matthew Perry’s big comeback. At least, we hope so.


the mindy project fox gradesThe Mindy Project (FOX)

Fans of The Office‘s Mindy Kaling will love The Mindy Project. But beyond that, the show is bound to please an even broader audience with its smart writing and interesting, funny characters.

nashville abc gradesNashville (ABC)

This one’s for country and drama lovers. With a backdrop of the country music industry, Nashville follows the characters’ ups and downs in their love lives and life in general, and we just can’t wait to see more. We can never have enough drama, can we?

the neighbors abc gradesThe Neighbors (ABC)

Aliens as neighbors. How can you go wrong?! Ok, maybe you could, but The Neighbors pilot sets up a funny and original concept with lots of potential. We personally want to see more.

the new normal nbc gradesThe New Normal (NBC)

A mix of Modern Family and Raising Hope, The New Normal is funny with the right amount of originality.

You can watch the pilot online here.

revolution nbc gradesRevolution (NBC)

One of the fall favorites, Revolution didn’t blow us away as much as it could have, but it did set up the ground for what could be a very interesting new series to follow. While the pilot does have some cliches and characters making stupid decisions, it also has some bad ass fight scenes, cool twists and Billy Burke. Yep, he’s that good.

Plus it’s produced by J.J. Abrams (Lost) and Eric Kripke (Supernatural), with the pilot directed by Jon Favreau (Iron Man), that should bode well.

And the best part: You can watch the pilot right now online here.

C – It’s okay

666 park avenue abc grades666 Park Avenue (ABC)

666 Park Avenue could be described as The Devil’s Advocate meets American Horror Story with less sex. Unfortunately, the pilot episode doesn’t get any more exciting than that. With so many predictable storylines and frustrating characters, it’s doesn’t rise higher than a simple “It’s okay.”

ben and kate fox gradesBen and Kate (FOX)

Ben and Kate is a complicated one. Some parts were great and others not so great. Hence the It’s okay section. Some of the antics felt a bit forced and made the pilot not as good as it could have been. Here’s hoping it gets better.

chicago fire nbc gradesChicago Fire (NBC)

While the pilot for Chicago Fire is not all that strong, it does have some pretty good moments which makes us hopeful that this series about firefighters could become a whole lot more interesting in later episodes.

made in jersey cbs gradesMade in Jersey (CBS)

A little too preachy and cheesy for our taste, Made in Jersey doesn’t deliver anything new or compelling in a lawyer procedural show. However, audiences might find protagonist Martina Garretti (Janet Montgomery) enough of a reason to tune in.

partners cbs gradesPartners (CBS)

For a half hour comedy, Partners just felt a bit flat. Unfortunately, putting a latina secretary and a gay character for comedic value doesn’t automatically make your show funny.

vegas cbs gradesVegas (CBS)

Vegas is an attempt to appeal to the “We Built It” crowd by showcasing the birth of modern day Las Vegas. Similar to HBO’s Boardwalk Empire exploring the birth of Atlantic City, but without the gritty, interesting and original storyline to go with it. However, it’s very likely to do well with the CBS audience.

D – Not that great…

guys with kids nbc gradesGuys with Kids (NBC)

Guys with Kids is the only NBC comedy that just was not that great. Unfortunately, the pilot lacked many laughs and it overall just seems very unoriginal and not that exciting.

malibu country abc gradesMalibu Country (ABC)

Fans of Reba (the singer and TV show) might enjoy Malibu Country, but since we’re neither, Malibu Country just felt like a typical, tired, deja vu a million times sitcom.


mob doctor fox gradesThe Mob Doctor (FOX)

While we like Jordana Spiro, we unfortunately can’t say the same about The Mob Doctor. The pilot felt unoriginal, a bit long and at times completely unrealistic.