Alphas: Who Will Die In Season 2?

Alphas - TV Chat - Who Will Die?

Earlier this year, the cast of Alphas talked a little bit about their experience working on Season 2, and revealed that the new season would bring more sex, violence, and the death of…someone. Sure, with all the minor characters that get killed on Alphas, it’s entirely possible that the cast was just teasing us about a minor character’s death, but I’m thinking that it wouldn’t have been worth mentioning if it was that simple.

We’ve seen that extra helping of sex and violence this season, but now that there are only a handful of episodes left, I can’t help but speculate a little bit about which character seems the most likely to end up on the chopping block.

Dr. Lee Rosen

Dr. Rosen is my favorite character on Alphas, but he’s currently at the top of my list of likely character deaths. Rosen has changed significantly since season 1 – he’s become darker and more erratic which makes him a lot more likely to wind up in a bad place.

Although he’s been leading the investigation into Stanton Parish and Red Flag, Rosen hasn’t really been the rational center of the Alphas team the way he once was. With how close Rosen and Bill have been, I could see Bill stepping into Rosen’s place and leading the Alphas team after he’s gone.

David Strathairn might also be the most critically accomplished actor on the Syfy network’s payroll at the moment which doesn’t necessarily boost my confidence that he’ll be around for season 3.

Dani Rosen

Alphas Season Premiere 2012 "Wake-Up Call" (Season 2) (8)

Dr. Rosen’s daughter, Dani, comes in at 2nd on my list of Alphas characters at risk of being killed off this season. She’s a secondary character, a double agent for Stanton Parish, and she genuinely loves her father and Cameron, making her a perfect candidate for a tragic death scene.

Dani is the mole that Bill has been looking for, so her death could come at the hands of one of the Alphas team or at the hands of Red Flag. Either way, her death would have a serious impact on both Rosen and Cameron which could completely derail the Alphas team.

John Bennett

Alphas Screenshot - John Bennett

We hardly know John at all, but we know him well enough to know that he’s seriously into Rachel. Rachel hasn’t had a relationship this successful since… ever… which makes John a likely candidate for a heroic death.

John might be just a little too perfect though, and I could also see him being some kind of double agent that was tasked with getting close to the Alphas group so he could leak information to the government officials. Perhaps Bill’s investigation will lead him to John instead of Dani, which will give John a much less heroic death (and give Rachel a whole bunch of new psychological issues.) That’s all speculation of course, but there’s nothing keeping John safe from a good plot twist.

Nina Theroux

Alphas Laura Mennell (3)

All the attention paid to Nina’s backstory and development this season earns Nina a spot on this list. I wouldn’t put it past Alphas to make us sympathize with a character right before killing that character off.

No matter how terrible Nina’s past was and how scummy she got this season, her character has been working towards redemption and healing. In my opinion, the more we want to see her succeed, the more likely she is to get killed off right before she does. Nina has left a lot of bad karma in her wake, and it might just catch up with her before she has time to make up for it all.

Rachel Pirzad

ALPHAS (SyFy) "Blind Spot" Episode 9 (3)

Character-wise, there’s not much that makes me think that Rachel is on the chopping block, but in the most recent episode of Alphas, Rachel was knocked out by the photic stimulator that Skylar had repaired and boosted. Seeing as we don’t yet know what that photic stimulator was being used for, it’s possible Rachel might end up suffering long term side effects from that flash – including sudden, unexpected death.

Stanton Parish

Alphas Alpha Dogs Season 2 Episode 3 (1)

I know Stanton is talked about as an “immortal” but his ability is actually rapid cellular regeneration, so his death is totally possible. I could see the end of the season leading up to a stand off between Rosen and Stanton. We could be left thinking that Stanton had been killed by either a government official or someone on the Alphas team.

The beauty of Stanton’s death is that it is not necessarily permanent. He’s come back to life before and while I’m not sure that Stanton would be able to grow a new head if his was cut off, he’s probably the only character that can die and come back just in time for season 3.


So, it’s just a matter of time before we find out which of the characters on my list actually survive (or, I suppose, before I realize that the cast was just messing with us.) Which character do you think is the most likely to get killed off this season? Do you think Bill’s fight club addiction will cause fatal problems for his heart? Do you think Gary will go the way of his old friend, Anna? Are Kat and Cameron safe this season? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!