‘Haven’ Season 3: Is Haven Being Invaded? [Video]

Haven Season 3

Haven has always been troubled, but could the source of the town’s problems be extraterrestrial in origin? The show has featured all manner of weirdness from merpeople to shapeshifters over the course of the first two seasons, but it has been alien free thus far. That only makes the first trailer for the third season all the more intriguing.

When we last left Audrey, Nathan and Duke they were in various states of distress. Audrey had been kidnapped and the boys were brawling on a boat. Thankfully, everyone is still in one piece in the new promo, but that doesn’t mean they’re out of danger. There’s a new threat on the horizon, and as Audrey informs us, “it’s coming in 46 days.”

It’s unclear what exactly it is, but knowing this town it won’t be anything good. The promo does drop a few hints: there’s a shot of Audrey, Duke and Nathan looking skyward, several bizarre looking crop circles and a shot of someone (Nathan, maybe?) being dragged away. Are they clues or red herrings? It’s hard to be sure, but if the last two seasons have taught me anything it’s that nothing is ever as it seems on this show.

Possible invasion aside, the trailer also suggests that Duke will be embracing his dark side this season. He says: “You think I’m a bad guy? I am a bad guy.” His angst is understandable; he is coming off a rather traumatic year after all. First there was the death of his wife Evi, and then he discovered he might have to kill Audrey. At least his current state of mind can explain one of the trailer’s mysteries: Duke’s shaggier hairstyle. Who has time to cut their hair when they’re busy worrying about having to off their best friend?

In addition to all of that craziness, the trailer finds time to introduce newest cast member, Dorian Missick (Southland). “Cool little town you’ve got here…once you get used to it,” he says.

Check out the trailer below and then tune into Syfy Friday, Sep. 21 at 10/9c to catch the season three premiere of Haven.