Face Off “Year of the Dragon” Review

Face Off Year Of The Dragon Season 3 Episode 3 (18)

In tonight’s episode of Face Off on SyFy, contestants were tasked with the challenge of creating an original Chinese New Year dragon. The catch? Their creations were going to be put to the test with their actors wearing the costumes and performing an acrobatic routine.

This was a team challenge with the remaining ten contestants being “randomly” (show of hands who thinks the pairing is actually random… great, now that we’ve established that it’s fixed, we’ll move on) selected. The teams were:

Nicole and Rod, Eric and Sarah, Alana and Laura, Derek and Tommy, and Jason and Roy. Each team had to create their dragon based on each person’s Chinese astrological sign… and did some terrifying creations come of that!

Here’s a breakdown of what the teams were working with:

Nicole/Rod: Snake and Rat
Eric/Sarah: Boar and Monkey
Alana/Laura: Goat and Rat
Derek/Tommy: Ox and Monkey
Jason/Roy: Snake and Rabbit

During the first two days the contestants were given run of the work room. During their sculpting phase, Alana almost immediately cuts a gash in her finger that causes her to leave to go get seven stitches. Laura is extremely understanding and just picks up the slack and sculpts three pieces for their goat/rat. Even when Alana returns it’s with limited abilities as she can’t get her stitches wet and they use water based clay. Despite this major set back, Laura and Alana do manage to finish up their rather terrifying creation (as shown in the picture above) without any other major set backs.

Sarah and Eric start off like gang busters, but after Glen’s visit to the work room they appear to lose steam. Their color palette doesn’t seem right, and choices that they were 100% sure of at the start now don’t seem like such amazing ideas. I do have to say that I thought the final presentation of their boar/monkey was on the cartoon side of designs; the spangled costume reminded me of a wrestler.

Nicole and Rod struggled a little bit to find their footing, but their snake/rat finished strong! I loved, loved, LOVED the colors and fabrics that they choose for the flags on the top of the head piece. I was surprised that none of the judges mentioned that the movement of said flags sort of gesticulated like a snake. That was one of the first thoughts that came into my mind after “ew, they’re using rats as cheek bones”.

I did have to disagree with the judge’s ruling that Jason’s red and black paint job on the snake looked like black acne! I might be hallucinating, but don’t some snakes have markings exactly like what he created? I do, however, agree that Jason and Roy’s “snabbit” (® Glenn Hetrick) would have been the easiest animal out of the bunch to actually make look like a dragon. On that task, they did lack the inspiration of the challenge.

Derek and Tommy’s ox-monkey turned out freaking amazing. I wasn’t too impressed as I watched them sculpt, it was a little difficult to see their overall concept until it was complete and on their model. After everything was said and done it turned out amazing.

During the dance routine, nothing fell off, ripped, came lose, or otherwise broke in anyway. I think I might have been more nervous than the designers watching their costumes on that stage from the comfort of my living room, but things worked out as best they could have! Alana and Laura didn’t even get busted for that massive rip that was in the back of their cowl.

The top team tonight was Derek and Tommy with Eric and Sarah coming in last. It’s gotta be tough to be Sarah in that situation; going from winner to bottom in one week. But fear not, Face Off fans, Sarah survived to see another week in the work room. Eric, on the other hand, was booted off for his poor make up and sculpting job (it was the horns that did him in). Derek got to bask in the glory of a win due to the strong Asian influence that his concept brought to his creation. The glory lasted for about five minutes until Eric was sent home.

I don’t know about you, but I’m getting excited to see what happens next week on Face Off! It’s still a little too early in the game right now to have any strong contenders or favorites, but I will say that Sarah and Laura intrigue me with their designs.

Do you have any specific favorites or thoughts on who might take home the Face Off prize? Tell me about it in comments!

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