Could Tonight’s Episode of ‘Covert Affairs’ “Glass Spider” Be One Of The Best Ever?

Covert Affairs Glass Spider Season 3 Episode 8 (5)

Confession time: At some point I might have considered giving up on Covert Affairs, but before I could make my final decision, the show pulled me back in. And I’m so glad it did because I would have missed out on the best season the show has given us yet.

Yes, I’m talking about this current third season of Covert Affairs. It really feels like we have moved to a new level of storytelling for Annie and co. And to top it all off, the show gave us the best new character this season, Simon Fischer (played brilliantly by Richard Coyle). To me, he is Annie’s best love interest (yes, above Ben and Auggie, you heard me) and most intriguing character.

With that in mind, it’s been quite ride this season, leading up to the best episode of the season. Yes, you heard (well technically read) that right, tonight’s episode “Glass Spider” is the best episode this season. Granted I haven’t yet seen the Summer finale episode (although I did see next week’s episode), or the second half of the season for that matter, but I’ll just go on a limb and say that if it’s not the best it’s at least one of the best.

I’m sure you are now asking yourself, why is it the best?

Well, I can’t really answer that without giving too much away but I’ll just go ahead and give you a few hints of what you can expect:

– A reunion

– Simon Fischer

– A shattered mic

– A betrayal

– A shocking ending (seriously, watch right until the last second, do not miss anything)

But I’ve already said too much.

Don’t forget to tune in tonight and watch a new episode of Covert Affairs at 10pm on USA. And make sure to come back and let me know what you thought or tweet me on Twitter @sosandrine.

  • Chinwaterdragon

    I thought the show was great. Was disappointed that Annie & Simon got shot. Did not expect the shooter to be who it was. Was looking forward to the two of them going to the island and living happily ever after.

    Looking forward to next week’s show and of course Season 4.

    • Nikki

      It is pouring rain here where I live and I misses the last half of the show what happened ?? Last I saw she got out of her car and she got a call from auggie ??

      • Hi Nikki,

        If I remember correctly where you stopped watching, she arrives home and gets a call from Auggie who tells her that she needs to come back to work because they are going through her stuff.
        When she opens the door to her apartment she find Simon there waiting for her. He asks her to go away with him. Turns out he had been planning for his disappearance in case he ever needed to. It looks like Annie agrees, but as she starts packing she then goes back to talk to him and before she gets a chance to say what she has to say, Lena appears with a gun. Simon pushes Annie out of the way and gets shot, then Lena shoots Annie.

        The last shot of the episode shows both of them bleeding on the floor.

        Hope that helps!

    • I know! I so wish they had made it to the island at least for a little while.

  • Cdeskins60

    Does anybody know the name of the song (or group singing it) in the last scene when they got shot? Love the song – can’t find it.

    • guest

      It’s The Blowers Daughter – Scala & Kolancy Brothers

    • Guest

      Covert Affairs s3,e8 “Glass Spider”
      Scala & Kolacny Brothers  “The Blowers Daughter”
      Originally performed by Damien Rice from the “One-Winged Angel” album.

    • sas e fras

      It’s the Blower’s Daughter, but I don’t know by what person (group)

  • Keisha

    I agree with this being the best epsiode this season and for me it really was the best episode of all of Covert Affairs, period. I was shocked about Lena and that she shot both Annie & Simon. I don’t know if words could express how disappointed I will be if Simon is actually dead. He has been the best thing this season and I agree that he is Annie’s best love interest to date and that says a lot for me because I was an Annie/Ben supporter. I know people want her with Auggie and I love him, but I think they are great as friends only and should stay that way. They have a great dynamic as friends, imo. Quite honestly, If Simon is dead, I’m not sure how I will feel about the show.

    • Hi Keisha,

      First of all I feel like I could have written your comment because I pretty much feel the same way about everything you mentioned. I even almost said this episode was the best episode of Covert Affairs, but since I don’t remember every single episode, I didn’t want to make such a broad statement without being sure, but I really do think it might be.

      I don’t want to spoil the next episode for you, but it’s a pretty good one as well, although I would be curious to hear your thoughts once you see it. 🙂

      • Keisha

        Hi Sandrine!

        Well you’ve made me nervous, anxious, & a little excited with your last sentence about next week’s ep! I’m all for you spoiling or giving me a slight hint on next week’s ep, if it means I should be hopeful regarding Simon 😉 I’m really looking forward though to the next ep, to see how this all continues. I’ll be back to share my thoughts….hopefully good ones!

        Also, when Annie agreed with to leave with Simon and went to pack, but came back to talk to Simon before Lena walked in, do you think Annie had changed her mind? I wish we knew what she was about to say. I figured it could be she changed her mind or maybe she wanted to talk to Auggie before leaving(say goodbyes and mention to him about Danielle & what to tell her once she’s gone)?? Your thoughts??….

        • Hi Keisha,

          Well, I think it’s ok to reveal Simon’s fate since the creators revealed it in an interview with TVLine (very interesting interview if you want to find out more about what’s coming), but I’m sorry to say, the news on Simon is not good. 🙁 I’ll be honest, I’m still kind of heartbroken about it. Still the next episode is pretty good.

          As for Annie agreeing to leave with Simon, I literally went “Yes!!” to my TV. But you’re right, when she came back I thought “oh no” but we never found out if she really was going to leave with him. The romantic in me wants to believe she really loved him and was going to run away with him, but there is a part of me that always wondered if a bigger part of Annie was still seeing Simon as an asset she had to bring in. I hope we get an answer by the mid-season finale.

          But if anything, from what I read in that interview, whatever happen will have a big impact on Annie, so that’s going to be really great to see. Can’t wait to discuss the new episode with you 🙂

          • Keisha

            🙁 about Simon, but thanks for the info & response! I wait, with anticipation, for next week’s ep & discussion. Until then, have a good one 🙂

            • Keisha and Sandrine I also agree totally with your comments regarding Simon.  I think Annie had decided not to go with Simon after looking at the photograph of she and her sister as kids.  It would have been nice if they had made it to  the island for a little while though. 

              I also think if Lena had not killed Simon, someone else probably would have because if Annie had told him she changed her mind, I don’t think he would have gone to the island without her because he was always unable to leave her.

              This week’s, episode 10 is suppose to go into more background on Simon and Lena, so I am anxious to see what happens with that.  I was not a regular viewer of the show until this season because it was boring to me.  I only watched it this season because of the Annie/Simon storyline so I won’t continue watching the show after this season but it was great while it lasted. 

              • Hi Cathy, 

                Thanks for sharing! I’m still upset over Simon’s death, but I’m curious to see what direction the series will take from now on.