Switched at Birth Interview: Vanessa Marano Talks Fall Premiere, Bay & Emmett & More


The fall premiere of Switched at Birth is on the way, and during a recent conference call, Vanessa Marano divulges all of the upcoming details to TV Equals, including what Bay Kennish and Emmett Bledsoe’s relationship will be like, trial drama, working with her TV dad Giles Marini and more.

Bay and Emmett

Bay and Emmett’s relationship is still as turbulent as it was at the end of last season. “Well, Bay and Emmett left off on pretty shaky ground obviously,” said Marano. “She found out that he cheated on her with her ex-best friend Simone, and she’s not too happy about it. In the premiere coming back there’s a lot of denial until finally the climactic scene of the premiere episode where she just lets him have it, and that’s kind of the overall tone of the season is her struggling with accepting what Emmett did. Accepting that she’s in pain about it and accepting a way to forgive him.”

Upcoming storylines

Other drama aside from Bay and Emmett’s relationship includes Angelo Sorrento [Giles Marini] facing serious repercussions for living illegally in the U.S. as well as well as wedding bells.

“Angelo being Bay’s father and is, of course, illegally in the country and trying to stay in the country [is a big storyline],” said Marano, “and I believe the big teaser has been Regina [Constance Marie] in a wedding dress for the fall premiere. Not to give too much away but it looks like everybody’s going to head that way, and then, obviously, the Kennishes are still suing the hospital [about mixing up Bay and Daphne as babies] and that finally comes to a head this fall season. We finally get a result of who is going to win, the hospital or the Kennishes.”

What Marano loves about the fall premiere

Marano said that there’s a lot about the fall premiere that she’s excited about. “[A] lot of new characters get introduced, and as far as Bay goes she starts turning to street art a little bit more again, which she did give up for a while because Emmett got arrested for painting a happy birthday message to her in street art,” she said. “And so she was kind of shying away from it because of the whole arrest thing, but he cheated on her so now she’s back at it. And she falls into the wrong crowd, and there’s a particular character that she gets introduced to who has a major bad influence on her so a little bit of bad Bay which is a lot of fun.”

Working with Gilles Marini

Marano finds it funny that people ask her about what it’s like to work with Marini, one of the most popular hunks on television.

`It’s always great to work with him,” said Marano when discussing Marini. “Everyone loves Gilles Marini. Gilles Marini has a way of walking into a room and just making you light up; he does. He’s French; he knows it. But no he’s really awesome to work with. He’s very creative. He has an accent, reminds me a lot of my dad, which is good since he’s playing my dad. It’s always awkward because whenever you say you’re working with Gilles Marini they’re like, `Oh, my God, he’s so beautiful.’ And you’re like, `Yes, he’s playing my father, so yeah.'”

Bay’s reconciliation with her family

For a while, Bay felt as if her parents’ decision to sue the hospital meant that they regretted raising her since technically, she’s not their daughter. But Bay has come around.

“We definitely have seen progress there. She’s kind of gotten over it. I think she realized — that was one of her Bay overdramatic moments — that it was not necessarily an attack on her. That it really was just, if anything, for her,” said Marano. “[S]he was cheated out of a different life and maybe it was for the best but maybe it wasn’t for the best, and definitely it didn’t necessarily affect everyone negatively but it did affect everyone. [T]hat’s really what the Kennishes want is just an admission of fault on the hospital’s part. Bay’s kind of gotten over it, but I think the Kennishes come a long way with it as far as verbalizing it to Bay that they don’t regret the switch, and that they do love her and actually are so happy that things did work out the way they did because they love her and she is their daughter. Not necessarily more than Daphne as their daughter but their daughter in a different way that Daphne will unfortunately never be.”

You can watch the fall premiere of Switched at Birth Monday, September 3 at 8/7c on ABC Family.