Perception “Kilimanjaro” Review – Ambition Isn’t Carved In Stone

Perception Kilimanjaro Episode 8 (4)

After tonight’s episode, there are only two remaining in this freshman season of Perception! This week, the case hits close to home for Pierce and everyone at the college – a coed is found murdered in her dorm room, and Moretti (Rachael Leigh Cook) and Pierce (Eric McCormack) search the campus for the killer.

They run into a slew of characters – from a German Prince to his number one fan that gladly lies for him, a stressed out scholar, and a wannabe drug dealer. Eventually the pieces start to fall into place, and what started as an innocent date with a study aid ended in murder.

While I understand Perception is fiction, the thought of drugs being created to keep our military awake while on the battle field is pretty scary. Like Pierce said – genetically enhanced super soldiers aren’t exactly a new idea, but when you weigh the side effects, can be deadly.

Anywho, the murder was sort of the back story to this episode in my opinion. I felt that things concentrated more on Pierce’s hallucinations and Brian (his football star student) than Christine’s unfortunate death. I’ll admit that I was actually okay with this.

Pierce first encounters DJ (who looks remarkably like a young Adam Brody) on campus and threatens to fail the brilliant student if he doesn’t turn in his term paper now. Turns out that DJ isn’t actually a student, but is the manifestation of Pierce 25 years earlier – before he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. Apparently Pierce was “cocky and confident” in his college years – smarter than his teachers, and wanted to be on the cover of Rolling Stone with med school as his back up plan. He wanted to climb Kilimanjaro, and his dreams were pretty much killed with his diagnosis.

Or were they?

With Natalie’s psychoanalysis of him climbing Kilimanjaro, just in a different way, despite his diagnosis, Pierce is able to lend a supportive hand to Brian. Brian’s entire life has revolved around him playing football. His scholarship depends on it, and he’s had no other dream in mind since he was eight years old. When Pierce discovers that Brian has a subdural hematoma (blood on the surface of the brain) caused by a football accident, he tells the athlete that he won’t be able to play ball ever again.

Needless to say, Brian doesn’t take well to this news, especially in the manner that Pierce delivers it. It takes Natalie and DJ to make Pierce realize that he and Brian aren’t very different. And also that while his initial dreams weren’t accomplished, that doesn’t mean he couldn’t achieve a different set of dreams.

Honestly, I was pretty inspired by Pierce’s final speech to his class, and it seemed pretty poignant ending to this particular episode of Perception. Pierce is relating more to the people in his life and realizing that dreams aren’t set in stone.

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