Grimm “Quill” Review – Welcome Aboard, Hank!

My first thought (and tweet) about tonight’s Grimm was “Zombies!!” After calming down a little bit and getting further into “Quill” I jotted down the note “Rabies?”, only to find out that it was neither. Instead the mystery virus that seemed to be infecting Vessen throughout Portland was the “yellow plague”. In my defense, it made the Vessen act like zombies and also exhibit what I consider to be signs of rabies. But then again, I’m a writer, not a doctor… so I’ll leave the diagnosis to the professionals.

All that we need to know as Grimm viewers is that this outbreak is nasty. However, there is a cure and when Rosealee (Bree Turner) becomes infected, it’s up to Monroe (Silas Weir Mitchell) to save the day… which he does with flying colors. It made me equal parts sad and mad that Monroe and Rosealee’s date was cut short by an infected Vessen, but the smooches later (regardless if it was because of the virus or not) sated my fangirl heart.

On a more serious note, Juliette (Bitsie Tulloch) still doesn’t remember Nick (David Giuntoli). Not for lack of trying on her part, though. She even asks Monroe and Bud (remember him from the first season?) to help her put the pieces together as she continues to have flashbacks, but no memories of Nick. Bud spills the beans about Nick being a Grimm, but covers it up with a feeble excuse of Nick being a good cop.

To add more drama to Grimm, Renard (Sasha Roiz) receives a phone call that the families have sent a Nuckelavee to Portland to retrieve the key. He’s not pleased about this and actually sends in a police officer to bring in the guy once his plane lands. Of course this plan doesn’t work, and the Nuckelavee is on the run trailing Nick and Hank.

Which leads me into the best part of this episode of Grimm. Hank know knows Nick’s secret! And you know what? I do believe that this is going to work well for both of them and their partnership. Not only does Hank know that he’s not completely going nutters, but Nick can now share information with him that he couldn’t before.

Case in point – no way they would have been able to take care of this virus outbreak without Nick doing some serious tap dancing around Hank. Since Hank now knows the truth, it not only allows a lot of humor to come into play, but it also gives Nick a chance to research the Vessen while Hank does the “real world” police work.

I’m enjoying this, and think Grimm is on the right track with Hank!

Monroe’s best moments:

  • “Maybe we should have a coming out party! Tell all your friends!”
  • “Oh. My. God. Hank knows.”
  • “I wanted to tell you about my great-grandmother’s picnic basket…”
  • “Whatever he’s got he is not alright in any way, shape, or form!”
  • “Oh my God, Nick! You didn’t have to kill her!”
  • What were some of your favorite one liners from tonight’s episode of Grimm? Do you think letting Hank in on his secret was a wise choice for Nick? Will he need to do the same to Juliette to jog her memory? Tell me your theories!

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