Last 2012 Episode: Breaking Bad “Gliding Over All” Season 5 Episode 8

Breaking Bad Gliding Over All Season 5 Episode 8

Breaking Bad “Gliding Over All” Season 5 Episode 8 airs Sunday August 26 at 10pm on AMC. This is the last episode of the year; The series will return next year.

Synopsis: Walt ties up loose ends. Seeing the evidence of his success, he makes a startling and dangerous decision.

Show Summary: Breaking Bad follows protagonist Walter White (Bryan Cranston), a chemistry teacher who lives in New Mexico with his wife (Anna Gunn) and teenage son (RJ Mitte) who has cerebral palsy. White is diagnosed with Stage III cancer and given a prognosis of two years left to live.

With a new sense of fearlessness based on his medical prognosis, and a desire to secure his family’s financial security, White chooses to enter a dangerous world of drugs and crime and ascends to power in this world.

The series explores how a fatal diagnosis such as White’s releases a typical man from the daily concerns and constraints of normal society and follows his transformation from mild family man to a kingpin of the drug trade.

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  • TrueBloodFan

    Breaking bad sucks

    • Chicago_Eric

       That’s all you could come up with.  At least put a little effort into. *smh*  Horrible troll.

    • Yanin211

      True blood is the WORST show on air right now. Shame on you for even COMPARING breaking bad’s wonderful writing to that piece of crap they call true blood. Vampire religion? Ok buddy, you keep your true blood since you clearly don’t know good writing if it bit you in the ass

  • Glenn808er

    So where is the show going in the last 8 episodes? Does Hank get Walt, or does Walt find some way out? Is Walt really out, like he told Skyler, or was that another lie? Does his cancer return? What does Jessie do now that he’s cashed out and is sitting on 5 mil? Does Todd take over the cook, or does he just keep standing around looking clueless? Does Saul ever wear a suit that isn’t as obnoxious as he is? How the hell are we going to wait a year to find out?

  • NMcbptail

    Here’s your answer to next season:  Walter teaches his son how to make meth so now it’s Todd and WW’s son doing the production. Walter gets busted by Hank and thrown in prison. Skyler goes to prison as well. Son finds the cash stash and buys into the crystal blue production with  Jesse.  Todd and Jess fight it out in the meth lab and kill each other. Saul steals the son’s stash and makes his own deal to become the drug kingpin then Lydia becomes his main whore by using crystal blue persuasion. Skyler gets out of prison and works with Hank to get the son out of the business then Skyler and Hank work together to gain Saul’s trust and bust him.  Saul goes into prison and WW orders his disciples to beat Saul up. (WW gets life+.for this since Saul dies from the beating.) Lydia is distraught and cuts Skyler’s carotid and throws her into a vat of acid.  Hank shoots her and goes home to his new son and daughter. Last seen shows the son as a meth addict living with Todd’s sister.  He says that he wants to go to college for chemistry and become a teacher.