Jonathan Banks Talks Mike and his Favorite Breaking Bad Moment

It’s difficult to say that it was hard to see coming, but it was still very difficult to watch.

As Breaking Bad had progressed, Jonathan Banks had taken Mike Ehrmantraut from bit character after thought to fan favorite. Yes he did bad things, but Banks grounded in a way that made him seem sympathetic and human. He may have superhero tendencies, but because he did with the Roger Murtaugh Signature “I’m too old for this s***” look on his face, we didn’t mind too much. We’re all sorry to see him go, but at least he doesn’t have to put up with Walter White anymore.

Following his character’s untimely demise, Jonathan Banks sat down with Zap2It to discuss when he knew he was going to die, and how he would have “amended” a few scenes to ensure his character’s survival. “The writers control the pen. If Jonathan controlled the pen, Lydia [Laura Fraser] would have been shot in the head.”

If only. RIP, Mike. We’ll miss you.

The Breaking Bad midseason finale airs tonight at 10 PM on AMC.