Awkward “Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me” Review

Awkward Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me
Jenna had a lot of choices to make in “Pick Me, Choose Me, Love Me,” this week’s episode of Awkward, but in the end, she made the only truly right one…and it wasn’t between Matty and Jake.

In the wake of her blog going public, everyone in Jenna’s world got a free pass to pass judgement on her life, and on no topic did they do this with more relish than with which boy she should pick. But that was obviously going to happen; we formed teams and took sides, so it was only a matter of time before the characters did, too.

What surprised Jenna was the vehemence with which her classmates came down on her mother. It’s no secret that I haven’t been Lacey’s biggest fan, but I think this episode might have helped me settle some of my intense dislike for her. After getting phone-bombed all day, Lacey had to accept that writing Jenna the letter was the worst thing she’d ever done. Crying genuine tears, she told Jenna that she didn’t expect to be forgiven or even loved after saying such horrible things. She was going to let Jenna decide whether she wanted to love her or not.

Even though I suspected that Jenna wouldn’t abandon her mother, it was nice to see that she got some encouragement from her father. Now that he and Lacey are back together, he was able to tell Jenna that it was her mother who held the relationship together through all of the tough times that teenage parents inevitably have. His candor prompted Jenna to choose to love Lacey in spite of her selfishness and weakness.

Meanwhile, Matty and Jake stopped fighting long enough to realize that if their friendship was going to survive, Jenna was going to have to choose one of them, and the other was going to have to be okay with her choice. That’s pretty freakishly mature for teenage boys who spent the last episode beating each other up.

But Jenna isn’t Bella choosing between Jacob and Edward. She told them what Bella should have told her vampire and werewolf…why didn’t they just hook up instead?

I liked that even though Jenna’s entire life was raw and exposed to the school, she managed to keep the things closest to her heart private. Her reconciliation with Lacey was sweet and, more importantly, done behind closed doors, out of the public eye. Jenna has paid a huge price for the honesty of her blog; maybe now she’ll realize that a life lived in the spotlight will never belong to her.

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