True Blood Season 5 Finale Bonus Scene

As previously mentioned in the review for the True Blood season 5 finale, HBO made a bonus scene available that provides a sneak peek at what is in store for season 6. Initially available on the interactive features on HBO Go, the scene is also available on YouTube as well as OnDemand, for those that would like to see it on the big screen.

Approximately two minutes long, most of the scene is spent recapping the moments before Eric and Sookie went off to watch Bill turn into a bloody mess and the elevator ride up to the rooftop of the Authority’s headquarters. It looks like season 6 of True Blood will focus on the mystery of Warlow – or it could be yet another overblown, over-hyped plot that fizzles out within a few episodes like Christopher Meloni’s Roman or comes to an unsatisfying, anti-climatic ending like Dennis O’Hare’s Russell Edgington. If solving the mystery of Warlow sends the stripper fairies away for good and trims down the oversized True Blood cast, I’m all for it.

Here are a few highlights from the clip:

– Fans of Pam and Tara coupling up will be happy to see the two deciding that surviving the showdown with the Authority is a top priority so the two can put the crazy nesters behind them and head out on a long overdue date. Is it time to give them a name? Para? Tam? This should be fun to watch but the True Blood writers clearly think that a happy couple is a boring couple, so don’t look for these two to have a smooth ride.

– Jason continues to heed horrible advice from his ghost parents. He even contemplates making easy work of the vampires on the elevator with him, many of whom he once considered friends.

– As the group exits the elevator, Jason mentions Warlow and Nora recognizes the name. It looks like Jason will not be able to completely rid himself of all vampires so soon. I wouldn’t be shocked if we see a Jessica/Jason/Nora love triangle next season.

What do you know about Warlow? Post your theories below!