New Fringe Season 5 Trailer- Seriously Guys, They Are Coming

Fringe Observer

Okay, now this is is starting to look really bad.

With each passing trailer, the Fringe team continues to reveal a little bit more of what to expect when the final season begins this fall. At this point, we can be certain that the Observer takeover will not be pretty. The beaten and bound image of Walter Bishop leaves you with nothing but a feeling of dread.

We know the Observers are coming. It’s just a matter of time. The question that lingers for me is how long Peter and Olivia get to enjoy their family bliss. The couple has struggled and fought to be together. Can we let them enjoy it for an episode or two first? Peter and Olivia deserve for their time in the sun to last a little longer. Especially since we already know that it seems like Olivia is not long for this world. Before we can get to that, these bald guys in the hats would like to have a word. They will be here soon.

Fringe premieres September 28th at 9 PM on Fox.