Covert Affairs Character Study: All About Auggie

Covert Affairs - Auggie Season Two

Covert Affairs may be a show that is essentially about a spy named Annie Walker, but my favorite character on the series happens to be a guy named Auggie Anderson. With his quick wit and propensity for telling blind jokes at his own expense, Auggie quickly became a guy that I wanted to know more about.

Over the past three seasons we have seen Auggie grow from just the guy that new agent Annie went to for help, to a man with his own issues and drama, both personally and professionally.

Season One: Trusted Colleague

Covert Affairs (USA) - Auggie Season One

When we first met Auggie, he was the co-worker who showed Annie around the CIA. No small feat when you consider the fact that he can’t see. But even with that disability, he was able to guide Annie as she began her career with the agency. He usually provided her with more information on the inner workings of the place than she got from her superiors. Before a case began, Annie would go to him for last-minute tips, while during cases he was that trusted voice on the phone line that helped her get the things she needed and finally, after a case was over, he was the person that she could talk to about everything that had happened. Though most of the storylines were mostly about Annie in that first season, Auggie still had a large role to play.

Season Two: Hopeful Warrior

COVERT AFFAIRS "Half a World Away" Season 2 Episode 7

It was in season two that I felt like we finally started to see more of the real Auggie. It was then that he stopped being just Annie’s sidekick and we got to see him do more on his own. In season two we saw that Auggie didn’t just exist to help Annie, he had other important duties at the agency and could even handle ops on his own if the need arose. We also learned a lot more about the explosion that lost him his sight and how hard he’s had to fight since then to get the kind of job that he loves. This was also a tough season for Auggie as he got something I’m sure he hadn’t had since maybe the days immediately following his injury. Suddenly he was given hope that he might see again and I felt for him when he found out that it wasn’t a possibility. I knew that Auggie getting his sight back was probably a pipe dream but I too was hopeful for a little while there that it might actually happen.

Season Three: Tortured Leader

Covert Affairs "The Last Thing You Should Do" Season 3 Episode 3

This season Auggie has faced some of his toughest issues yet. He was put in charge of the OSP and despite facing a lot of challenges in the post, he seemed to be handling them very well. That is until his personal life came into play. Auggie began dating Parker last season (sister of one of the men killed in the explosion that also blinded him) and though I know a lot of us were kind of hoping to see those sparks between him and Annie turn into a fire, I was happy that he had found someone who made him happy. But when he, Parker and some other friends were kidnapped while on vacation, Auggie was forced to tell his fiancé about who he really was.

That left Parker questioning their entire relationship and ultimately walking out the door, leaving Auggie a mess. Getting into a bar brawl, he injured another man and was not only arrested but stripped of his new post. This week we saw a much tougher Auggie when he went to Arthur and asked for his job back, and then took on the task of questioning Henry. I was so proud of him when he got Henry to tell them something he’d never revealed before and I hope that means Auggie will also be getting his job back, too. He definitely proved that he deserves it.


Though Covert Affairs may always focus on Annie and her many cool adventures, I’m very excited where they’ve been taking Auggie as well. Considering how much his character has grown in the past few seasons, I can’t wait to see what’s going to happen with him in the future.

Now what about you folks? What are your thoughts on Auggie’s journey as a character? Are you happy with where he’s ended up? Do you have any theories on where you think he’s going next? Sound off in the comments below and let me know. I love hearing from you guys!

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