Royal Pains “Dancing With The Devil” Review – Is Hank That Guy?

Royal Pains Dancing With The Devil Season 4 Episode 11

In tonight’s episode of Royal Pains, called “Dancing With The Devil,” Evan and Paige work out some issues, Divya gets steamy with her polo player, Jeremiah continues to be adorkable and Hank surprises me.

After their disastrous first date, Hank and Harper have to work together when Marissa comes to Hank looking for help with baby Carlos. It just so happens that Harper is the best pediatrician in the Hamptons; who knew? Meanwhile, Hank, Jeremiah and Divya all team up to treat a pop star with a mysterious illness that turns out to be connected to her southern roots – and her flavor of chewing tobacco. I really liked the whole Ava storyline, not only because she was a fun character, but because it gave us a great dinner party and Jeremiah dancing in a club.

Paige is still dealing with the news that she was adopted and is understandably shaken. But I loved how she decided to pick herself up and let Evan console her with the fact that they were going to start their own lives and family soon. That girl is definitely a fighter.

As for Divya’s storyline, well it wasn’t nearly as hot as I thought it would be. Don’t get me wrong, I’m happy she’s finally happy but that steamy scene we were promised turned out to be less steamy and more awkward. At least to me.

In fact, it was Hank’s storyline that I found a lot more romantic than Divya’s this time. I have to hand it to the writers of this show. When we first were introduced to Harper I didn’t like her much at all. I’ve made no bones about the fact that I’ve been missing Jill and I didn’t feel like Hank and Harper were a good match. But then they introduced Christina and she turned that into an even worse match. So when they brought back Harper tonight, I actually found myself liking her. So much so that when Hank told her he wanted to be “that guy” – the kind of man that she wanted; a man who, even though he was a doctor, was going to try and put a family first – I nearly stood up and cheered. For the first time since Jill left, I’m starting to root for Hank to settle down. I mean if Evan can do it, I’m sure Hank can, too.

My favorite bits..

“If only Evan came with a mute button in real life.”
“That’s genius.”

Hank finding straw in Divya’s hair. LOL! Guess we know where she was last night.

Udo scaring the living daylights out of Hank.

Hank with baby Carlos. Awww!

Oh Paige. I love ya honey but that dress is way too short.

“Did we go back in the time to the 80’s?”

Yep, I totally knew that the chick in the hat would turn out to be Ava. I also knew that she would be super nice as soon as Evan described her as a diva.

The way Jeremiah handed Ava that cup and asked for urine. Somehow he managed to make an awkward moment even more awkward.

Evan not being able to get over the wraparound terrace in Paige’s parents’ apartment.

Harper mumbling the name of the test that Hank had just suggested for the baby. Ha!

Poor Jeremiah’s face falling when he realized Divya asked if he was free so he could cover for her.

Hank inviting Ava to dinner.

Hank inviting Harper to dinner so she could meet Ava. Smooth Hank, very smooth.

The entire table pausing when Ava said she’d just served them possum pie.

“Did you not check in the Critter Aisle?”

Evan and Hank talking about how bad both Hank and their mom were at cooking.

Ava taking Jeremiah out clubbing.

Ooooh….a nice surprise Shirtless!Hank shot.

“How can I trust them anymore? They’ve taken away all sense of home.” “I’ll give you that.”

Ava teaching Jeremiah to dance. He actually wasn’t too bad.

Jeremiah shoving all the club rats out of the way so he could treat Ava. I love it when he gets all forceful.

Ava is totally a tobacco chewer. Come on guys!

“This is probably not diagnostically relevant.”
“I hope not.”

Aha! Yep, I was right about the chewing.

Hank and Harper teaming up to put a diaper on Carlos.

Paige getting excited about her tiny little dorm room, because it was all hers. Oh man, I so know how she feels. Go Paige!

Hank sitting on Harper’s exam table reading Highlights magazine.

Hank telling Harper that he wanted to be “that guy.” – Aw!

What did you think of this episode of Royal Pains? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • Nancy

    Please. Harper is not sticking around! And if she does? They will lose their audience! 

    • You maybe.  Not me.  I’m actually seraching for everything she’s been in while posting this reply.  Yup, head over heels.

  • Bagpipe_mouse

    Not a bad episode.I was surprised that Marissa didn’t completely irritate me. When she’s not henpecking Boris, she’s almost likable. I’m not really a kid person, so I wouldn’t mind if Carlos shows up only briefly once or twice a season, but it might be nice to see Boris have to take on some parenting duties.Harper was a little better. I can understand a little now why she doesn’t date doctors. It’s difficult to balance one demanding career and family life. Two demanding careers more than doubles the challenge. But I have to admit, I don’t really care that much about Hank’s love life. I don’t need him to be dating anyone.Divya’s romance was fine. It’s nice to see her take some steps into uncomfortable territory. But I’m not sure Rafa realizes how strong a woman he’s dealing with. Once again, Jeremiah made the episode. I loved his reaction when Ava said opossum! Everybody else did a double take, and he gave this “how interesting” look and went right on eating! And retreating to the phone booth was great! I loved his very brave attempt at dancing…and starting to look like he might even be on the verge of enjoying himself before she collapsed! He’s so precious!

    • lynnstar

      I totally agree with every point you made.

    • ptjackson

       I was wondering if anyone else noticed that Jeremiah did not really hesitate to go on eating the “possum” pie. I thought that was just so funny as everyone did a double take but him!

  • Helenahubb

    Who is the real singer to the song, Dancing with the devil?  The voice sounds familiar.

  • Lizounan

    Can anyone tell me where Ava’s dress in the nightclub is from/designer? I want it!