‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 3: The Summer Finale Gives Us Another Member of the “A” Team and Maya’s Killer (Who Are Not One and the Same)

Pretty Little Liars Summer Finale The Lady Killer Season 3 Episode 12 (5)

The four girls of Rosewood were betrayed in the summer finale of Pretty Little Liars last night, but none more so than Emily (series regular Shay Mitchell). It would seem the very guy who she thought was Maya’s cousin Nate (recurring guest star Sterling Sulieman) turns out to be Linden James, a psycho who obviously killed Maya for not loving him the way he loved her; and he planned to do the same thing to Emily, by taking the life of her lady love Paige (recurring guest star Lindsey Shaw).

And, perhaps even worse are the facts that Mona (series regular Janel Parrish) got out of the nut house dressed as a nurse with a real official badge, without anyone stopping her I might add, and that Toby (recurring guest star Keegan Allen) is part…wait for it…of the “A” team! Did anyone really see that coming?! I can’t say that I want to believe that reveal, but the little off-handed, behind their backs looks that he has been making from time to time, had me wondering. But it all comes back to the fact that he “seemed” like such a nice, misunderstood guy who really LOVED Spencer – and vice versa if their romp in the sheets in the middle of the episode is any indication. Fans will be reeling over this “fact” until October when the highly anticipated Halloween episode airs (more on that shortly).

In the meantime, let’s take a look at some of the other big moments from the episode:

• First and foremost, Caleb was the hero who found Emily, but ended up getting shot in the process, with the gun that Hanna specifically demanded he leave behind; but my biggest complaint is the fact that it was NOT explained HOW he got shot or by whom. After all he laid the gun down; it was pointed away from him and Emily when he reached out to pull Emily into a supportive hug. So, how in the (bleep) did he get shot with it and who was the culprit? Nate was on the floor of the lighthouse bleeding profusely so who else could have done it?

• The girls sure did think that Paige was either “A” or on the “A” team with Mona; but that seemed to be cleared up with Paige telling the cops that she got an anonymous text to go to the cemetery or Emily would be hurt; and that is when Nate grabbed her. But is that a rouse or the honest truth?

• Mona seemed to know Nate – or at least that was my impression from what Mona said as she strolled back to the nut house with Toby, who was encased in a black hoodie next to her (please tell me it isn’t so – sorry I think I’m still in denial over that reveal) and that it was because of Nate, aka Linden, that Garrett (recurring guest star Yani Gellman) is a free man now. But what was up with that smile Garrett gave the girls at the end, standing in the hospital? More than meets the eye is what I would say?

• And, did I mention that Toby is on the “A” team and that he and Spencer had sex? Yes, I know I did; but it needs to be stressed again – they had sex, she is over the moon happy, but he is part of the “A” team – why, why, why? I’m sure all of the fans have been asking that since the airing of the episode last night. Right?

• Lastly, there is the whole visit by Maggie to Ezra’s apartment, learning that “Amy” is really Aria (and that she is actually Ezra’s girlfriend) and that both girls are keeping Maggie’s son Malcolm quiet. Yeah, like keeping that little boy a secret is going to work out for the better? C’mon?!

There will assuredly be lots of questions thrown out by the fans over “The Betrayal” and hopefully some answers will be provided when ‘Pretty Little Liars’ returns for its Halloween episode on October 23.

In the meantime, fans of the show can watch a weekly 8-episode spin-off web series called ‘Pretty Dirty Secrets’ at ABC Family that has started now that the summer finale has aired. The web series will take place in the local Halloween store where the town is preparing for the big festivities; and will feature cast members Brant Daugherty (Noel), Yani Gellman (Garrett), Vanessa Ray (CeCe), Brendan Robinson (Lucas) and Drew Van Acker (Jason). A new character, played by Aerial Miranda, will also be introduced. Each episode will air on Tuesdays at 5 PM (Pacific Time) and 8 PM (Eastern time).

Remember: Tune in to ABC Family on October 23 for the Halloween episode that will be held on a train. You remember that “A” ordered tickets for the ride that will, for sure, scare the crap out of the girls, put them in more jeopardy and have the fans on the edge of their seats. Mark your calendars.