Covert Affairs “Loving The Alien” Review – Love Makes us do Remarkable Things

Covert Affairs Loving The Alien Season 3 Episode 7

In this episode of Covert Affairs, called “Loving the Alien,” Annie travels to Cuba and finds out just how far she has dug herself into her mission with Simon.

A couple episodes back I wondered about Annie’s mindset when she called up Simon; worried that maybe she’d started to have feelings for him. But in this episode it turns out to be Simon who has the feelings. He takes Annie to Cuba with him and ends up risking both of their lives when his handler disapproves. When Hector challenged Simon it made me wonder what on earth Simon was thinking by taking Annie along for the trip. That’s when I realized he wasn’t thinking. Simon is so smitten at this point that all he wanted was to have his girlfriend with him and try to enjoy some time with her in between all of his “business meetings.” It’s something any guy would do and the moment he killed his own handler to protect her, and then gave her a postcard just like her dad used to, I really started liking him.

Looks like Annie and I are in the same boat. Judging by the look on her face when she saw how giddy Lena was at the prospect of using Simon to do anything they wanted, she’s not exactly happy about the idea of getting Simon hurt. I just hope that she can figure out a way to keep her job and keep him safe at the same time, though if anyone can, it would be Annie.

Meanwhile both Arthur and Auggie had their own challenges and both were related to Jai’s death. Arthur thinks he wants the ambassadorship in Japan but when he gets wind that some people will think he’s deserting his post and leaving a mess behind, he suddenly wants to stay. Auggie has decided that they’ve been ignoring what could be a valuable source of information about the murder – Jai’s father. I loved that though Auggie went in at first and tried to strong arm the truth out of Henry, it was ultimately when he appealed to the father’s love for his son that Auggie got the information he needed.

Things are building up nicely this season and I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before everything starts to blow up in their faces. Annie’s doing quite the balancing act right now and keeping a lot of secrets from a lot of people (including those she usually would never lie to, like Auggie), but she can’t keep it up forever. I just hope that she hasn’t ruined any relationships by the time all is said and done.

My favorite bits….

Simon asking Annie to come with him to Cuba.

“Spy craft wouldn’t be that much fun without the bad guys now, would it?”

Auggie’s suspicion about Annie’s last minute “vacation.”

“You’re right, it’s not your place to give me advice.”

“Operatives who get arrested in bar fights don’t get to question their boss’ judgment.” – Wow, that was cold.

Simon and Annie sharing stories from their childhoods.

Thinking that Annie was probably regretting putting on that red skirt when she found herself having to follow Simon. Talk about standing out in a crowd.

A former KGB hitman and his girlfriend showing up for dinner. Oh boy, this should be interesting.

“And one of them wants you to join the cast of Deadliest Catch?”

Annie and Simon dancing.

Arthur completely losing control after the dinner party. Wow, never thought we’d see that.

Simon slitting Hector’s throat. WHOA!

Simon giving Annie the postcard. Dangit, now I’m finding him incredibly sweet.

“Love makes us do remarkable things.”

Auggie describing the first time he met Jai and breaking through Henry’s armor.

“For once, instead of son trying to emulate father, maybe father should try to emulate son.”

Auggie getting the location of Jai’s safe house. Nice!

What did you think of this episode of Covert Affairs? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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