White Collar “Compromising Positions” Review

White Collar Compromising Positions Season 4 Episode 7

In tonight’s episode of White Collar, there’s a whole lot of playing going on and we find out that testifying in court is very much like running a con.

When we start the episode, Peter is ready to wrap up an old case. All he has to do is testify – something that he’s really good at (as Neal can attest to) – and the bad guy goes away. Only trouble is the bad guy has hired himself a “fixer” and is blackmailing the assistant DA trying the case. So Neal and Peter set up a sting to catch said fixer at blackmailing and they are golden. But nothing is going right and it turns out she has something on Neal which makes him drop the whole thing. It’s just not their week.

So Neal and Peter come up with one of my favorite plans they’ve ever had. Not because it was overly complicated or even all that extremely clever. But it did give us two things I really enjoyed: a hilariously awkward scene where Peter and Sarah attempt to pretend they’re having sex, and a shirtless Peter. The episode probably could have ended right there and I would’ve been happy but there was still a lot to do. Neal and Peter have to jump through a few more hoops but finally end up putting the bad guy behind bars where he belongs.

Meanwhile, Neal meets up with the mysterious Sam (played by Treat Williams) and is stuck in quite a precarious position. On the one hand he’s finally ready to get to the bottom of what happened to his father, but considering Ellen was killed after her presence became known to the FBI, he’s thinking he should take Sam’s advice and keep all this off-book. Of course the last thing Peter wants to do is keep anything off-book, seeing as that didn’t go so well for him last time. So that leaves Neal once again running off behind Peter’s back and Peter forced to follow Neal to find out what he’s up to. While I understand exactly how we ended up here, I still think it kind of sucks that we’re back to the two of them keeping secrets from each other. Here’s hoping they get back on the same team again soon because I really love it when they truly work together, and not just for the little stuff like a case.

My favorite bits..

“If you think this is about one guy pulling one trigger, you’re as naive as your father.” – Kind of enjoyed all of Sam’s comparisons of Neal and his father. I feel like we’re getting to know the guy.

Sam accusing Peter of leaking Ellen’s address to the bad guys? Oh no he didn’t!

“You realize some where pigs are flying right now.” – Ha! I was pretty much thinking the same thing when Mozzie actually suggested Neal go to Peter for help.

Neal remarking that he remembered vividly how much Peter enjoyed testifying at his trial.

“It’s like it’s Christmas morning and he’s unwrapping a guilty verdict.”

Neal realizing that testifying was a two-man con.

Uh oh….methinks the lawyer screwed up.

“She is dedicated to her man.”
“…..and limber.”

“If I didn’t know any better, I think she senses my presence.”

Peter getting Shepherd to call the mayor’s office so he could trace her phone. Nice!

Really wondering what the story was when Sarah stopped Neal from talking after she said she was not the “incriminating photos type.” Hmm…I wonder.

“I doubt this involves a submarine.”
“Oh no? Maybe he’s got a blimp.”

Mozzie and his Swiss army knife/fake baby Bartholomew.

Wow, this Shepherd woman is good. She found Mozzie?

“You never killed a man doing that.”
“I could have…once.”

Neal casually asking Peter how he would feel about sleeping with Sarah.

Peter and Neal telling Sarah and Elizabeth about their wacky idea. Hilarious.

Sarah and Peter trying to “wing it” and failing miserably.

Whoa! And we have us a little Shirtless!Peter. Nice!

Elizabeth coaching Peter and Neal coaching Sarah through the pics. So very awkward and so very hilarious.

“Sarah do that thing with your leg.”
“Neal! I got it.”

Neal’s very happy smile when he was asked to take the stand at the trial.

“Where did you come from?”
“Forty-five years ago, an enigma gave a paradox a very special hug.”

Finding it more than a little creepy when Mozzie took the head off that doll and revealed a drill.

Shepherd warning Peter that if he follows Neal across the line from right to wrong, it will cost him everything. Whoa, talk about foreboding.

Sam telling Neal that his father hated losing – like father like son.

Peter followed Neal?? Holy cow!

What did you think of this episode of White Collar? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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