Storage Wars “Sheets and Geeks” & No Bid for the Weary” Review

Storage Wars Season 3

Well, here we are folks. The final Storage Wars episodes of the season! I’m sure A&E will continue some season 3 episodes in 2013, but for now it’s time to say goodbye to Barry, Jarrod, Brandi and Dave. What’s that? I didn’t mention Darrell? Hmm…

Well “Sheets and Geeks” starts out with our wonderful buyers making their way to Santa Ana, California and to another branch of Mini U Storage. It was interesting to see the rest of the fellas notice that Dave Hester hasn’t been buying a lot recently. Dave has definitely had a decreased presence this season, so it’s interesting to see the rest of the cast notice just how infrequently he’s been buying. It turns out he actually went home empty-handed again this episode, so it’s obvious that these other guys are onto something.

The first locker of the day had an old collectible train set and went to Barry for $595. I don’t have the crazy memory that some of my readers do, but I believe this is the first time we’ve ever seen Barry buy a unit and not have an appraisal for it. I just assumed he’d be going to a toy train specialist to double check, but for some reason he didn’t! Very strange, especially considering that Barry seems to be the star of the show in most episodes.

Jarrod spent a whopping $3,400 on the next unit, which was chock full of electronics. Not just the lame and out of date electronics that we usually see on this show, but actually current video game systems and games! He ended up finding a surprisingly valuable keytar, but he actually lost about $800 on the unit, much to Brandi’s chagrin.

Finally, good ol’ Darrell bought the final unit of the episode for only $350, and ended up finding a bunch of nice items in there, including some old Magic cards! I actually used to collect Magic cards a little bit, so it was nice to actually see something that a new a little about! It was also absolutely hilarious to see the Tank Top Twins totally out of their element at the Magic convention. I actually yelled out in excitement as soon as I saw the Black Lotus card, knowing even in my very limited Magic knowledge that it’s the rarest card of them all. Darrell ends up beating the nerd in the coin toss and he’s our winner for the first episode!

That brings us right into our last episode for the season, “No Bid for the Weary”. The buyers make the short drive to Extra Storage in Costa Mesa, and Barry brought his friend Kenny in his bubble car!

Speaking of Barry, he won the first locker of the episode right from underneath Jarrod’s nose for a whopping $2,900. Barry has been pretty consistently bad this season, so I was worried at first when he came out of nowhere to win this locker. The good news is he didn’t lose quite as much as he’s been losing, but he did still lose a couple hundred bucks. At least he got to have a tender moment with the ever lovable Kenny. Man, I hope that guy sticks around for season four.

Dave stole yet another locker from Jarrod when he got the second locker of the day for $3,200. Not too much to report on this, but he did sell a beer tap for a profit of over $2,709! Also, Irish accents are cool.

The third locker of the day was yet another expensive one, as Darrell spent a staggering $7,250 to beat out Dave Hester for one of the best looking lockers of the day. He ended up making over ten grand once he added everything up, and he became the winner for the second episode this evening!

With this season coming to a close, it’s time to sum up this third season. We’ve been introduced to a new buyer named Jeff Jarred who appeared in several episodes, Dave Hester has had somewhat of a reduced role, Darrell is a huge jerk, and Barry has risen to be the undisputed star of the show. Here’s hoping we get just as much wacky antics in season four! See you all then!

Random Thoughts:

– Reason #42 why I hate Darrell: He pronounces Cuisinart “Kwiz-in-art”.

– I’m pretty sure Darrell got hustled with that Black Lotus card. I’ve heard of people paying up to $100k for that card. I would have done a little online research before showing up.

– Kenny telling Barry to “Watch yo profanity” was one of my all-time favorite Storage Wars moments. Can this guy be Barry’s full-time assistant next season? His little falsetto is hilarious.