Dexter Season 7 Cast Photos- Are Dex and Deb Heading for a Showdown?


With the season seven premiere of Dexter only a month away, Showtime has released a collection of cast photos featuring stars Michael C. Hall and Jennifer Carpenter. If you’ve watched the trailer, then you know this season is set to be the most powerful one yet thanks to the fallout from Deb witnessing Dexter’s dark passenger in action.

The focus this year will be on the strained relationship between the Morgan siblings and the photos reflect that. There are three shots of Dex and Deb together. One is a simple glamour shot of the actors (albeit one where Deb is holding one of Dex’s treasured blood sample slides), but the imagery in the other two clearly reflects the inevitable face-off looming on the horizon for the duo. There is a heavy emphasis on suspicion in both photos, with Dexter keeping a very close watch on his sister in one, and Deb watching her brother through a sheet of plastic in the other.

Check out all of the photos in the gallery below and then tune into Showtime on Sep. 30 for the premiere.

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