Crazy Carrie Is Back in Homeland Season 2 Trailer

Fresh off of one of the best season performances in the history of television (that’s right, I said it), many have wondered what Claire Danes could do for an encore in season two of Showtime’s hit drama, Homeland. If this trailer is any indication, the 2013 Emmy for Outstanding Lead Actress may be decided by this December (I’m leading the riot if she doesn’t win the Emmy this year).

Saul may tell Carrie that he hates himself for asking her to come back, but I couldn’t be more thrilled. One of the questions last season left viewers with was how Carrie is going to get back in the game. This trailer shows us that Saul is going to request her help while taking on the role of her babysitter. As we find out later in the trailer, Carrie’s return isn’t going to go well. We’re all better off as a result.

Homeland premieres September 30th at 10 PM on Showtime.