John Noble Doesn’t Know That He’s Not Walter Bishop from Fringe

Recently, we’ve covered life imitating art in Alabama. Now, it seems that we have art imitating life.

Such is the case with John Noble. Known for playing scientist/Secretary of Defense Walter Bishop on Fringe, it appears that Noble has decided to dive into the world of weird science himself. Noble explores stories of weird science in his show Dark Matters on the Science Channel. Now in its second season, Dark Matters features weekly looks at scientific research that went too far and at weird experimental occurrences. CNN’s Light Years blog recently interviewed Noble about the show. In the interview, Noble sounds exactly like his fictional counterpart as he raves about the excitement of scientific discovery.

If Walter Bishop were a real person, he would be undoubtedly the top choice to host this program. It appears that John Noble agrees. Still, there is a chance the man we know as John Noble has ceased to exist and only his fictional alter-ego remains. The lines of fiction and reality have been blurred yet again.

Dark Matters runs Saturdays at 10 PM on the Science Channel.

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