Grimm “Bad Moon Rising” Review – I See Trouble On The Way

Grimm Bad Moon Rising (8)

Honestly, the highlight for me of Grimm tonight was to see Mark Pellegrino back on TV after his stint on Supernatural two seasons ago. I love that man.

Anyway, Hank is losing it and quickly. He thinks that he’s going crazy – seeing things that aren’t there, people changing from creatures to real people right in front of his eyes, etc. Then to make matters worse, his old friend Jarold (Pellegrino) appears and tells him that his daughter (Hank’s Goddaughter) has gone missing.

It’s up to Nick and Hank to step in and find the missing girl, and Nick immedietly can see that Jarold is not really a human, but a creature. With the help of Monroe, they discover that Jarold is actually a coyotl. Coyotl’s are basically wolves that travel in a pack, and to leave your pack means death. When his wife died, Jarold managed to leave behind her crazy family and took their daughter to live a normal life.

Well, the relatives are back, and now that Carly is 17 years old, she’s ready to produce more coytl cubs. With her relatives. Ew.

Monroe schools Nick and explains that coytls introduce the female to the pack through their fertility ceremony which is done on the full moon after the woman’s 17th year. Now that Nick knows where to look, he and Hank set out with Jarold in tow to visit Hayden, Carly’s uncle.

Long story short, the trio finds Hayden and gang in an abandoned farmhouse with Carly. She’s terrified, and when Nick and Hank pull her from her hiding spot, she freaks and recognizes Nick as a Grimm. This causes her to turn into her coytl form, and Hank takes aim at his Goddaughter.

It’s a good thing Nick is there to defuse the situation, and he explains to Hank that he’s not losing his mind, that Nick can see the creatures just like Hank can. This calms his partner down, and it’s back to saving the girl and getting rid of the coytls.

Poor Hank. The guy is just having a rough time with everything in life right now!

While Nick is battling with real life monsters, he also has to deal with his personal issues – mainly Juliette and the fact that she has no memory of who the heck he is. It turns out that she remembers everything else under the sun, but she has no memory at all of Nick. Even pictures of the two of them don’t jar her memory, and Nick is left trying to be patient while his finance doesn’t even remember that they live together.

I have a theory that when Juliette sees Renard, she’s going to think he’s the one that she’s in love with. Some sort of side effect from the potion that he took. Hopefully that will be explained in new episodes of Grimm fairly soon! As much as I don’t care for Juliette, she’s sort of growing on me and Nick just seems really sad without her.

Although, I will say that Nick is much more kick ass this season than he was last! He’s all about taking care of business, and I hope this trend continues. I enjoy bad ass Nick!

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  • Jim

    Wow. You really need to check your spelling before posting. And it’s “Juliette” FYI.

  • Morgancarter267

    I am so happy with this season of Grimm so far! It has really impressed me, compared to the first season, and I hope it keeps moving in the same direction. My absolute favorite part of last night’s episode was when Nick finally explained to Hank what he was and Hank was completely ok with it! It was a great episode, but I wasn’t able to watch it last night because I got off work at Dish so late. Thankfully my Hopper recorded it on PrimeTime Anytime and I was able to watch it without commercials this morning with the Auto Hop on. I have great expectations of this show for the rest of the summer; I can’t wait for the next episode!

  • ptjackson

    I really enjoyed this episode! And, the girl was played by Maddie Hasson, who was previously on The Finder, one of my favorite short lived programs! That, and Mark Pellegrino as a good guy – well, that was unexpected, wasn’t it? Pure joy!

    The only thing that I did not understand – it sure looked like when Nick faced off with the bad guys, they should have known he was a Grimm. But, when the dad came into the barn to get them and the girl, he seemed surprised that Nick was a Grimm. If the girl could tell so easily, why not her uncle?

    And, the Juliette thing is making me seriously sad. But, the conversation with Monroe – that was so funny!! You have an interesting idea that she will think Renard is her true love – that would be awkward……

    Can’t wait for next week!

  • Melissa Pereira

    Hello! I wonder who is the actor in the photo along to Carly? I’m looking for, but find none.