Suits “High Noon” Review – Where Do We Go From Here?

Suits Summer Finale High Noon Season 2 Episode 10

Last night’s summer finale of Suits, called “High Noon,” reminded me in some ways of the premiere episode this season. When I watched the season opener I remember thinking that they had stuffed so much into the episode, it could have easily been spread throughout the course of an entire season, or at least a few episodes. That’s basically how I feel about last night’s episode.

The vote for senior partner comes down and though I expected it to be announced at the end of the episode – with the repercussions to be played out over the rest of the season – they instead announce it immediately and we find out that Jessica (and Harvey as her right-hand man) are out and Daniel (with Louis as his right-hand man) are in.

What happens over the next 40 minutes is a roller coaster ride of emotions for every character, and me as a viewer. Every character went through something during that time and where they ended up in the end has me asking the question of what’s going to happen next with all of them.

Jessica and Harvey did get their piece of humble pie (as some of you guys were predicting in the comments of the last few episodes), but am I the only one who was a tad bit disappointed that it didn’t last longer? I guess one could argue that they’ve had it pretty rough for a while but since Daniel was the one that instigated the case that nearly ruined Harvey, Jessica and even Donna’s career, I wonder if it will register with them. I had hoped that all of this might soften Harvey (not too much just a little), but now I think he’s going to be just as cocky as ever. Don’t get me wrong, I love a cocky Harvey; I just want a deeper one too and I hoped this storyline would get us there. It did give us softer moments though, so I am happy about that.

Mike and Rachel had some fantastic scenes last night and I could see we were well on our way to the two of them getting together. Rachel was so good for Mike; helping him get where he needed to be and encouraging him through this really rough time. Even her refusal to take things physical was done out of caring for him. Unlike the little strumpet who thought it perfectly okay to sleep with a man who was seriously hurting, even though she’s also married. That can’t end anything but badly and now Rachel is hurt, too.

Thanks to Daniel turning Louis into his own personal bulldog, Louis was the biggest asshole in this episode and I hated Hardman for manipulated him into that part. I did appreciate that, once Louis knew the truth about Daniel, he quickly switched sides again but as Donna told him, he’s lost his team. We were just starting to see another side of Louis and I really hope that he’s not going to go back to being nothing but a bad guy. Hopefully he’ll be able to build that trust up again, at least with Donna and maybe Rachel.

Like I said, so much happened in this episode that I can hardly believe that we’re only halfway through the season. If the first half was this full of drama, I can only imagine what the rest of the season will be like. But since they basically did everything in this episode that I thought we’d see play out over the rest of the season, I have no clue what’s going to happen next. It’s kind of fun as it feels like we’re heading into a whole new season again. Too bad we have to wait until January to find out what’s coming.

My favorite bits..

The look Louis gave Harvey when Daniel was voted in as managing partner. Oh man, I don’t blame Harvey for wanting to punch him out.

“Daniel, you won. You don’t need to blow smoke up my ass.”

“You could teach.”
“I could also kill myself.”

“You don’t make major life decisions when you’re reeling from a loss.”

“Don’t you dare touch his balls!” – Yeah, Donna is territorial about those.

Harvey telling Daniel that he was coming for him.

Louis having the grace to show surprise that Daniel was planning to fire Harvey.

Mike losing it in the middle of the bullpen.

“I’m sorry I don’t have a photographic memory, but MY brain is already too busy being awesome.”

Donna knowing that Harvey didn’t know any of the associates’ names.

Completely losing it when Mike went up there and spoke about his grandmother. Man, I felt for him. That was something I just couldn’t bring myself to do for my own dad. How people find a voice on a day like that, I’ll never know.

“Doth you want to kiss my ass?”

Tessa waiting until AFTER kissing Mike to tell him she was married. Jeesh. Way to mess with his head.

Finding out that Harvey knew about Mike’s grammy and had been trying to help by keeping him busy. So awesome.

Harvey helping himself to Mike’s weed. Classic.

Donna telling Louis that no one was on his team anymore. Yep, he’s so screwed.

“Harvey Specter doesn’t get cottonmouf.”

Harvey’s laugh. OMG loved it. We’ve never heard him laugh out loud like that.

“I always hated the word ‘orphan.’ I just never felt like one until now. ”

How quickly the scene between Harvey and Mike went from hilarity to drama. Harvey telling Mike all about his parents. Brilliant.

“I grew up in a house surrounded by family, but I know what it’s like to be totally alone.”

“Oh what I wouldn’t give to piss in that bastard’s office.”

“It’s not right? I drank three Gatorades on the way here. I’m gonna pee orange. It’s right.” – DYING of laughter by this point.

Harvey telling Mike about the can opener…right as the elevator doors closed. Dammit!!

Louis trying to guess what Harvey’s password was.

Stoned!Harvey and Stoned!Mike coming up with the brilliant idea that maybe Daniel planted the document to bring Harvey (and Jessica) down in the first place.

Harvey and Tanner boxing it out so that Harvey could get to the truth about the memo. Loved watching Harvey kick a little Tanner ass.

Rachel being smart enough to tell Mike that they shouldn’t get together right after his grandmother died. Man, I know that must have been hard on her but I do think she’s right.

“Being smart hasn’t made either one of us very happy.”

Louis telling Harvey that he had to take a drug test. That conniving little…

“You’ve got to be kidding me.”
“You were the one who told me to take it easy.”

“If you go, I go.”

Mike showing up to the meeting just in the nick of time. Whew!

Louis NOT voting to dismiss Harvey. And then voting to dismiss Daniel. Yes!

Rachel showing up at Mike’s door only to see Tessa there, naked. UGH!

What did you think of this episode of Suits? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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  • Tryhim4u2

    one of the best shows on television….the writing is awesome….if you are a reality tv person, you won’t get this show. If you only laugh at slap stick….this isn’t your show either.  It is a thinking persons dramatic comedy.  It makes you think about your ethics while laughing, while rooting for various characters for various reasons; while staying in suspense.  There is something for the men ( i like the quotations they use from movies) and there is something there for the women…… I love that it is a quick moving show.  the only thing that i don’t like is this new trend cable networks are going to where they  call 6-7 episodes a SEASON.  I hate investing time to learn the characters and storylines only to have to wait another 3 months to only see 6 more episodes…..I hate this trend (ie: rizzoli and isles/ white collar/ royal pain etc.)   But suits is still greatness

  • Spenser Amadeus

    I love the split season used by USA, TBS, etc.  First, you get great shows during the summer which is traditionally the off season for the major networks.  Used to be that nothing good was on TV all summer, but that’s no longer true. Then right after Christmas, when the major networks are showing repeats, we get 6 more great weeks of new programming.

  • Anonymous

    Great episode ruined by the completely expected and overtly cliche Rachel walking in on him cheating. In fact, the whole Tess character/storyline just felt so contrived and…ugh. Bringing Jenny back to meet him at the funeral would have made much more sense. They seem to have more chemistry than this Tess girl and at least we know their relationship. Plus the whole “I’m married” but I have no ring thing just makes no sense to me.
    Still a great episode though and I loved it. Just take out the Tess storyline and having an affair thing.