‘Single Ladies’ Season 3 Announced

After rising in the ratings this summer Single Ladies has managed to score another season on VH1 bringing them into season 3 on the music network. As confirmed by The Hollywood Reporter, the trio of LisaRaye (All of Us), Denise Vasi (All My Children) and Charity Shea (The Best Years) will return for another fresh year of storylines filled with dating dilemmas and friendships.

Jeff Olde, the executive vice president of original programming and production at VH1, made the big announcement. “Our viewers’ love affair with ‘Single Ladies’ got even bigger this year, growing significantly from its successful first season and dominating its timeslot on basic cable. We’re extremely happy that we’ll be able to give the audience another great season of the series and its honest, current take on love, dating and female friendship.”

Even with the exit of ‘Clueless’ star Stacy Dash, who was replaced by actress Denise Vasi, the series has still managed to become one of cable’s go to shows for woman between the ages of 18-49 tuning in this summer. ‘Single Ladies’ will end its second season with a finale that airs Monday at 9pm on VH1. Are you ready for a brand new year? Leave us your comments below.

  • Nekebee

    Yes…idk what to do until 2013…that seems like 4ever…show is too good to wait a whole year…it needs to return soon…idk what ima do on mondays…bbwives la is boring…cancel bb wives la and add single ladies…

    • Ragginst

      @Nekebee 😉 your so right this was the only show I kept up with idk what yo do until then.

  • Kadyz0731

    Mos definitely ready and eager to watch the new season of Single Ladies!!! Live that show!!!

  • Arizonasummerlove

    I was so sad today watching the last show for season 2 but i am so glad to know that there will be a season 3. If you could can you make the season earlier I had a hard time last season waiting now this got better come on give me more.

  • Tashea0529

    This season was really great, Shawn & Kesha ending was very sad to me I really wanted her to move past Malcolm & have that fire with someone else…As far as the rest of the crew goes it was really a season finale as too what will happen next can’t wait for the return…I wish it could be a lot sooner though instead of next summer :~(…Overall great season!!!

    • miss pech

       i thought that too. but i think Kesha and Malcolm are just meant to be. they have this chemistry that nothing can break.

  • Kellyc608

    I am 65 and I live sigle ladies. Please don’t cancel this show. This show sure remins me of when I was these girls ages and brings up wonderful memories.And the newest cast member that was hired by Raquael to work in her clothing shop (can’t think of name now), I live her, she is an asset to the show.

    Loving Single Ladies



  • Paula Campbell

    Yes!!! I can’t wait until it airs in 2013!!! Sooner would be better though :O. Until then I will just have to watch it on DVR!

  • i want the release date for the new season i’m in love with the show!!!!!!!!

  • Jackie parks

    I can hardly wait For season three I absoulutely love this Show. Writers keep up The good Work! You leave me on The end of my seat every episode.

  • shar

    I absolutely love this show, can’t wait to buy the season and will be buying the first one shortly so that I can watch the episodes over and over again. The cameos are awesome, I will be anxiously waiting for the return of Single Ladies!!

  • Mz Medina84

    OMG yes another season!! I love this show. Watch it every Monday night and the reruns thru week and never get bored. The cast is amazing love the girls :)) but 2013 seems way to long to wait :((

  • pootytat

    Love the show, love the fashion and definitely in love with Malcom!  So glad Keisha and Malcom professed their love, but I’m sure more drama will ensue in season 3.  Can’t wait!

  •  Yes.  I am not a T V  person, but this has been my favorite show to woratch.  I am excited about next season. 

  • Jaimievega

    Yes!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait until next season! Single Ladies has me hooked every Monday night!!!! I was sad that it was the finale but I know next season will be a HIT!

  • JuicyVal2

    This season was too short! I always felt after every episode wanting more meaning what will happen next. I’m so glad there is a season 3. I’m on point when new episodes for single ladies come on I could care less about the other shows on any network. Keep doing ya thing ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • BRING BACK STACEY!!!!!!!!!

  • Ragginst

    Absolutely Ready for a season 3. My only concern is the views on Gay relationships, every gay person isn’t with a new Guy each week some of them love fact of being with one Guy. So for season 3 lets make that a priority.;-)

  • Tiffhanyd

    Yes, def ready. Awesome combination of actresses. And accurate, dramatic take on dating, love and sister friendship. I love love love love the fashion. Especially that of LisaRaye!

  • jemima jarvis


  • Doshia

    So can’t wait for season 3!!!!!

  • Pumpkin77035

    So luv this show.I can’t wait to get home from work at nite on Mondays to see them.(I record them).The storylines r awesome,Can’t wait for season 3,then 4,5,6 and so forth…

  • 1corazon

    I am glad the series is on for another season. What I like best about this series to all the others, Mob Wives, Housewives of Atlanta, etc. is that these ladies have class. Drama is good once in awhile but class is what has been missing from many series that I have seen throughout the other programs. Congratulations to the network and hope we see many more seasons.

  • Margaret Murray

    I cannot wait for season 3 of single ladies, the show is so amazing and has improved this season, hurry up and bring it back!

  • Nichollebridgewater

    I love this show. I can’t wait until season 3 just wish we didn’t have to wait so long. I am so glad that Malcom and Keisha got back together. I hope their relationship last this time.

  • Cocoamarten

    I absolutely love this show and all the characters

  • Trudee85

    What to do? What to do? Can’t wait to see what happens in season 3. Reggie gay? Morgan & Kasim? This will be unbearable.

  • iLovesFood

    omg i cant believe we have to wait till 2013 !!!! 

    ughh im so mad ! thats 4 months too long .. -_-

  • Rware8

    Luv Single Ladies! Can’t wait until Season 3!! The season finale was definitely 5 stars.

  • Vtg05

    YES, I LOVE SINGLE LADIES!!!! It just needs to become a regular show (like Soulfood was) & not just a summer series!

  • Grisella

    Love that Keisha and Malcolm are back together, he is hot and she is the woman for him.  Keisha is the core of this show, love, love, love her.  Am also so happy with Raquel, she is so much better than the actress who played Val.  Don’t like Morgan, they need a better looking woman, surprised at the “gay” cliffhanger with April but he was putting up a gay vibe, now I know why… lol.  I think Rachel needs to stay with Antonio, he is the hottest man on the show.  How could she possibly want Charles when she has that fine man wanting her?  Can’t wait to see how it all unravels in Season 3!!! 

    • sd

      I love Morgan!  She’s beautiful and chocolate with a full, figure and child…representative to a lot of women out there.  The fact that she gets hit on the show is symbolic of how man hit on woman who look just like her.  I know what I speak!  I love the variety of women the have on the show…it’s so real and works!  Great job!  While I like Raquel’s character, I loved Val.  Stacey Dash is a beautiful girl, and was very believable! 

    • shorfi

      Are you serious? I think Morgan is absolutely beautiful, and she looks like the average woman today. She is full-figured with a cute short hair style. I love the fact that she doesn’t have all that weave in her hair too.

      Rachel is something else.

  • ~Miss E~

    OMG I love this show. I can’t wait to 2013. Y’all need to make it twice a year. Until then, I will attempt to patiently but will be more like frantically waiting.

  • The one

    Love the show….Keisha must end up with Malcolm… Stacey must reappear…. April can move on …. The girl who works in the shop can be replaced… Can’t wait for season 3….

  • sd

    I really love the show!  I love Malcolm too…he’s what we all want…tall, confident and chocolate!  Please keep his character on the show too!  Love him!!!!  I’m happy VH1 was smart enough to renew them.  One Request:  Please stop making so many changes to a show that’s so great and so loved.  Please don’t ruin it from inside…with Stacey Dash gone (whom we all loved) now the producer gone, what else…what you have is working.  All of the characters work..even if you brought Val back it would still be great!  .  Great job so far!  Please keep up the great work!  Let’s get a full year now, not just summer.

  • melissa

    its the only show that i set my tv to turn to automatically on monday nights . So i rush home from work / class to see it.
    Time to bring it back , the suspense is devastating

  • Niky2282

    I agree get rid of the basketball wives I hate that show, and make single ladies come on twice a year especially with that ending i dont want to wait that long!!!!!

  • Niky2282

    I agree get rid of the basketball wives I hate that show, and make single ladies come on twice a year especially with that ending i dont want to wait that long!!!!!

  • miss pech

    we are so ready we want it like yesterday. it has been a great show and we wont mind season 3, 4, 5 and on and on and on…. we look forward to season three. congrats guys.!

  • Selma

    Please give us a season 3

  • Poetie

    I can’t wait for season 3… Keep up the good work girls…

  • Neema

    I can’t wait to see Keisha and Malcolm…So in love with them both.

  • Nellymarieeeee

    William levay!!!

  • Evelyn Hinton-Cook

    Can’t wait for season three. I love, love, love, the characters and story line.

  • dot

    I love this show please hurry up and start season 3.cant wait I have watch seaon 2 and 3 so many times i know the lines

  • KarchumBe

    This is good entertainment, and the breathing thing Denise Vasi did in a sex scene in Season 2 with that fine lover, really does work! Try it! I miss Stacey Dash and hoping they can put that back into the show somehow, with the older gentleman! That last scene at the door, they have got to find a way to resolve that drama. Stacey find a way to come back! Lisa Raye is class and sexy all the way. Malcom is so fine! And Charity rocks, I wish they could write her getting back with her husband. The other guy just didnt fit. Wow, not that would definitely secure a SEASON 4 $$$$ with the audience. The show is fresh, lovely and edge of your seat GOOD!

  • Ms Shirley

    i simply cant wait….wohooo

  • missy


  • missy

    please don’t ever bring back Stacey – you have the PERFECT CAST!!!!!

  • missy


  • Sassy

    Please bring back Stacey Dash!!!!!!!!!

  • Ceepia

    Was looking for the date Single Ladies would return. I enjoyed seeing the oh so talented Victoria Rowell. Rozonda (Chilli) Thomas always bring a little spice. I am looking forward to seeing new faces, the regulars, & whoever else the series includes.

  • This is it

    Malcom !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love this show and love him.Keisha dont let him go.

  • latresha

    What date does the new season start and will Keshia and Malcom get married?

  • priscilla

    yes! cant wait! whats the premiere date????

  • morgan

    When is single ladies coming back it was on last summer now it’s say late 2013 how late do we have to wait