Lifetime’s Fatal Honeymoon Star Billy Miller Talks Getting Into The Mind of Gabe Watson

Lifetime Fatal Honeymoon Star Billy Miller

If you’ve been following the national headlines, you might be familiar with the story of Gabe Watson, the Birmingham, Alabama native who is accused of killing his new bride, 26-year-old Tina Watson during their Australian honeymoon. Lifetime has turned this true-life tragedy into a gripping television film, Fatal Honeymoon, with Billy Miller starring as Watson.

During a recent conference call, TV Equals was able to learn about why Miller chose to star in the film, what people might be able to glean from the film, and more.

Becoming Gabe Watson

Miller had a lot of research to do before really delving into playing Watson.

“So initially, there was quite a wealth of [information] from American television and Australian broadcasts,” said Miller. “I found that Australia’s broadcast was pretty biased to what they considered to be Gabe’s guilt.” He also did a lot of research on types of murders concerning husbands and wives. “I found this book called [Erased: Missing Women, Murdered Wives], and this book was amazing. It’s essentially about men in U.S. history that have erased their wives. They’ve found elaborate ways to kill them, dispose their bodies.”

Eventually, after taking all of this information into account, Miller said he started thinking about the opposite conclusion.

“What if he didn’t do it?,” he said. ” What if he did exactly as he initially came out as saying. He went on a dive, he freaked out with his wife, he panicked and became somebody that he really wasn’t. He left her. There was that pull the entire time–is it a guy trying to cover up a traumatic event or someone trying to commit murder?”

Learning about the story

Watson went to Australia, the place where the Watson honeymoon took place, to learn more about the event, he said. As he learned more, his ideas about the event got more complicated. “My take on it changed throughout working on the movie,” he said. “It really kind of leaves you without a satisfying ending.” One of the toughest things about portraying Watson, said Miller, is the reality of the situation. “Yeah, these people are still alive, and not having any contact with them…it makes it a wee bit difficult. But at the end of the day, I think we did a good job,” he said.

Unsolved motive, unsolved film

For many, especially those in Birmingham, Watson will always be a divisive figure. However, if you’re interested in watching Fatal Honeymoon for any possible new information, think again.

[For] people are coming to watch this film to see what [might have happened in real life], there’s no possible way to get answers,” said Miller.

Make sure to watch Fatal Honeymoon on Lifetime August 25 at 8/7c.

(Photo Credit: Lifetime/Vince Valitutti)

  • Firstlady2007

    I didn’t like the way the movie portrayed and if her husband did act like that towards the father he was a real ass and the look.of the movie u would think he killed her bc he could have brought her to surface and it looks as if she was trying to rise to the top.don’t like the movie at all

  • Jenniferrenee_35

    What husband makes his new bride do something that she’s clearly terrified of? Yes I know there are some men out here that are self centered & controlling, but most newly married men wouldn’t plan a honeymoon around themselves & get mad when the wife says she would rather not dive. And then before they leave he asks her to increase her life insurance & make him the beneficiary. Too much coincidence. Normally when you get married its a happy time & the husband wants to make the wife happy. If they had to go to Australia, why wouldn’t he see that she tried to make the dive, came up & didn’t want to go back down but he insisted?? Ppl just don’t act this way after they are just married. From what we know, Gabe insisted that she do this dive & then what do you know, she happens to have a freak accident & dies?? Come on….

  • Kaciperry259

    Watching the movie now. All I can say is,”how terribly devastating!”

    • Devin Destry

      so true her father had to be devastated.

  • Kaciperry259

    The Thomas family didn’t get the justice for
    Their daughter on earth. But we have a
    “HIGHER POWER” that Gabe Watson will
    Have to answer to on his JUDGEMENT DAY.

  • Jenjets80

    Billy Miller is an incredibly talented actor. I hope this leads to many more movie roles. However, don’t ever leave Young and the restless

    • Devin Destry

      i think billy miller played his role great it’s to bad their really are such people out there like  the husband,but if he was acting the way the movie say’s she should have left an went home.

  • Hoovermary22

    I am an addict to y&r and billy is by far the best actor on the series!

  • Hoovermary22

    He did a marvelous performance in this movie!

  • mom chez

    Good movie, good job Billy Miller. Look forward to GH.