Necessary Roughness “Double Fault” Review

Necessary Roughness Double Fault Season 2 Episode 10 (6)
I suppose that when you have a character as explosive as TK, it’s too much to expect him to go an entire season without some sort of life-threatening injury. In “Double Fault,” this week’s episode of Necessary Roughness, his drug use predictably caught up with him in what could either kill him or an innocent child.

Backing up a bit, the Hawks management spent most of the episode scrambling around, trying to track down all the tapes from Pittman’s wiretaps before all that sensitive team information went viral. And it wasn’t just locker room talk; Pittman even bugged Dani’s private office, putting her non-Hawks clients at risk, not to mention the integrity of her entire practice.

When coupled with the fact that no one could do anything about TK’s drug use because Nico illegally obtained the evidence of it, Dani was pretty much at the end of her rope and when she reached it, who was there? Not Matt. Even Nico’s one-night-stand could tell that he has feelings for Dani; he really should have just kissed her, already! They both wanted it, but for some reason, Nico held back.

During all of this, Dani counseled a married tennis duo who turned to swinging to save their marriage when it was really their professional partnership in danger. I suppose seeing Dani at the tamest swinger party ever was mildly amusing, but the story felt out of sync with the rest of the episode.

And the same could be said for Ray J’s new foray into drug production in order to help pay for his college room and board. How does this kid even tie his own shoes in the morning? He is in a special class of dumb TV teenager, the kind who actually gets swayed by a friend calling him chicken for not wanting to grow pot in his backyard.

The only really good thing that happened in the episode was Dani’s BFF’s baby daddy sweeping in from Madrid to take her back to his Spanish palazzo. Adios, honey.

So, Dani has copies of the tapes of her clients, but Pittman still has the originals. TK wouldn’t get help, so he either slammed his car into a little girl or ran it off the road and crashed it. The first game of the season is only days away. Yep, sounds like we’re heading into the season finale next week.

Stay tuned.

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