Familiar Faces (and More) Returning to ‘The Mentalist’ This Fall

With the fifth season of the popular CBS procedural The Mentalist just a little over a month away, executive producer Bruno Heller recently shared with the folks at TV Line that some familiar faces, new faces and a cameo will be featured in upcoming episodes.

First, Patrick Jane (series star Simon Baker) and the CBI team, especially Wayne Rigsby (series regular Owain Yeoman), will have to deal with the return of his “badass, gangster, biker dad” to once again be played by actor William Forsythe. According to Heller, “Rigsby’s had a very conflicted and difficult relationship with his dad, for obvious reasons…that comes to an epic head in Episode 4”.

Another familiar face is actress Samaire Armstrong (‘Dirty Sexy Money’ and ‘The O.C.’), who will return in episode 10 as prostitute-turned-CBI confidential informant Summer Edgecombe. Heller explains that Summer “will place Cho (Tim Kang) in a very difficult situation”.

Also back for more action will be Gregory Itzin, returning as Supervising Agent Virgil Minelli, Michael Gaston as Director of CBI Gale Bertram and Pruitt Taylor Vince as Special Agent/Supervising Agent J.J. LaRoche.

The cameo appearance will be made by none other than legendary actor Malcolm McDowell (‘Franklin & Bash’), who will make a “brief but sensational” cameo as Brett Stiles, the leader of the Visualize Self-Realization Center church.

Lastly, the new face to turn up is newcomer Dove Cameron (‘Shameless’) who will appear as a very important person in Jane’s life – his daughter, who was killed by Red John. Heller was rather mum on how Jane’s daughter would appear whether in a dream, flashback or some other aspect; but he did say that it will “be a big episode, a wonderful episode”.

‘The Mentalist’ will be back for its fifth season on CBS starting on September 30 at 10/9c.