Breaking Bad Meth Candy Turf War Looming

A few weeks ago, we reported that a group on Etsy was selling blue rock candy fashioned after Walter White’s famous product on Breaking Bad. However, much like when Walter White started cooking, the upstart was unaware of the existence of a kingpin. It appears we now have our Gus Fring of the rock candy world.

According to the Huffington Post, Debbie Allen, owner of The Candy Lady, sells a blue tinted sugar rock candy that also bears an eerie resemblance to the product that is reeking havoc on the good people of New Mexico. The resemblance is so good in part because The Candy Lady has supplied the blue rock candy to the show to use as a prop in previous seasons. Allen claims that she got the idea to start selling the stuff after Bryan Cranston made an appearance on David Letterman last month. Since that appearance, Allen says that she has sold over 300 bags of the candy.

While the Huffington Post didn’t report on the impending turf war between the two meth candy producing factions, any veteran viewer of the show knows where we go from here: They will most likely form an uneasy alliance that will invariably end up with one of them getting their face blown off. Ms. Allen, you are officially on notice. Don’t underestimate your much smaller foe. Gus Fring didn’t get to outlive that mistake, and his drug empire is gone. What do you want to become of your burgeoning candy empire in Albuquerque?