White Collar “Identity Crisis” Review – All About Mozzie

White Collar Identity Crisis Season 4 Episode 6

In tonight’s episode of White Collar, called “Identity Crisis,” Mozzie gets to play his favorite game in the world: Conspiracy Spy Theory.

Turns out our dear Mozzie and June have been going to storage unit auctions and finding ways to get the best loot for themselves. When Mozzie stumbles across an intriguing unit full of mysterious little odds and ends, he follows them to a home where he immediately makes himself, well, at home. His peace is interrupted by a man in black who calls him “723” and keeps asking about a flag.

After that, Mozzie’s stories suddenly don’t sound so strange when Peter and Neal get involved and soon discover what appears to a secret spy network dating all the way back to the Revolutionary War. Throughout their adventures, we also find out a lot more about Mozzie’s past and it made me realize that it’s been a while since we (or at least I) have thought of him as anything but Neal’s trusty sidekick.

Finding out that Mozzie made up a whole spy story related to his parents was a little heart-breaking. Little Mozzie started telling himself those stories so that he wouldn’t have to face the fact that his parents didn’t want him. It was so awful that I just wanted to climb through my TV screen and give him a hug. We’ve been concentrating so hard on Neal’s story that it was easy to forget that Mozzie’s family is full of its own mysteries and its own sadness as well. I wonder if this means that we’ll start to delve deeper into Mozzie’s story at some point. It would be great if he found his family someday.

Speaking of Neal’s mysterious family, tonight’s episode didn’t take us too much farther into Ellen’s death or the identity of Sam, other than to give Neal an email that he can possibly use to contact them. Guess we’ll have to wait until next week to see what happens there.

My favorite bits..

“Someone’s trying to kill me!”
“What? Why am I not surprised?”

Finding out that Mozzie and June go to storage unit auctions.

The storage unit guy calling Mozzie “Mini Me.”

The way they kept flipping the screen when going back and forth from Mozzie’s story, like an old-fashioned movie camera.

“You’re a nightmarish Goldilocks.”
“Minus the golden curls.”

The fact that Mozzie’s plan ends in “run like Hell.” – I think all good plans probably end similarly. I know my zombie plan does.

Neal and Peter figuring out just how much Mozzie was going to love this whole story. LOL, very true.

“That’s only a little bit crazy.”

“Honey, you get to go a on a treasure hunt. You love treasure hunts.”

Not being able to help but think that Neal sort of looked like Mr. Rogers in that sweater/tie combo.

Peter and Neal turning on the massage feature on their seats. That was one time that a car ad actually didn’t annoy me on a TV show. Nice.

Neal telling Peter why Mozzie believed in so many conspiracy theories. Aw, poor little Mozzie.

“For a guy who never told a lie, he certainly stretched the truth a lot.”
“That is the mark of a great politician.”

Peter tricking a guy into thinking he was a descendent of George Washington.

Poor Mozzie’s reaction to finding out that there was no Culper Network.

“This spy thing means more to him than he lets on.”

Mozzie putting on the spy show he wrote when he was 8-years old. So freaking cute I could die.

“I was the greatest violation of the Cold War.”

“That’s all it is, Neal. It’s just a story an 8-year old tells himself to hide the fact that his parents didn’t want him.” – Dangit, now Mozzie’s gone and made me cry.

“Neal’s enough of a live-wire, I don’t need a spark plug in there, too.”

Mozzie barely being able to control himself when he heard the word “coordinates.”

Mozzie imitating….The Terminator?

“You touch one hair on her head and you will not live to see that flag!” – Yeah, go Moz!

“You don’t hear rats, you are a rat.” – Well that was uncalled for.

Aha! I totally knew she was a spy, too.

What did you think of this episode of White Collar? Got any favorite bits or least favorite bits of your own? I’d love to hear from you!

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