Storage Wars “Dr. Strangebid” Review

Storage Wars Season 3

In tonight’s single installment of Storage Wars, our buyers made the long drive out to the beachside community of Westminster California and another location of Mini U Storage. “Dr. Strangebid” also started with the same thing we’ve been seeing all season: Darrell being a jerk. His poor kid is trying to compliment him, but Darrell throws it right back in his face! Dan also promised to Laura that she could auction off half of the units, which really seemed to make her day!

Moving on the auctions, Jarrod won the first locker of the day for only $750, and at first glance it just had a few pieces of OK furniture. Upon closer inspection they actually found a crazy ancient Chinese seismograph made of ox bone. While it may sound impressive that the appraiser in Pasadena said it was worth $3,500, I’m calling a big fat BS on that. Maybe to some guy who collects and displays Chinese antiques it’s worth that much, but is anybody in Jarrod and Brandi’s thrift store going to spend that much for a broken seismograph? Nope.

The second locker of the day went to Dave Hester for a whopping $1,550, and it was filled with some nice pine furniture and an old school Ouija Board. It was a little interesting that none of the psychics were interested in appraising the Ouija Board. Is there some kind of bad history between psychics and Ouija Boards that I don’t know about?

Barry won a pretty gross locker for $900, and came back that night to inspect it. He ended up finding some pretty cool doomsday stuff which led to the always entertaining Barry appraisal. After buying what was possibly the worst locker in the history of Storage Wars last week, at least he made back some of his money with the broken equipment. Here’s hoping Barry gets back on the horse in future episodes!

Random Thoughts:

– Wasn’t it just adorable how Laura’s eyes lit up when Dan said she could auction off half the units? I’m a big fan of Laura, and I hope we see her handle more auctions in the future.

– If I never hear Darrell say “Epic fail” again, it will be too soon.

– I kinda liked having the buyers come back to the storage unit at night. A nice change of pace, in my opinion.